Do You Think It Would Be A Good Idea To Televise A Debate Of Pro And Con Global Warming Scientists ?

When I say 'pro and con' I'm referring to those who believe man is responsible for global warming and those who disagree . 50 -50 .
Let them speak their views . Let them confront and challenge each other .

Let them debate . And let us decide

What do you think ?
Update: Jasmine - Now THAT was funny !!
Update 2: AJ - Dude , do you have any idea of what you're talking about ? The issue is not 'decided' and you, my young little friend are completely wrong . Honestly man , whoever told you that is a flat-out liar .
Update 3: WOW MAN , some of you are completely brain-washed into thinking that there is no debate . WOW . Very revealing .
Update 4: NOTE : I never planned on this , but this question reveals who is a mature thinking adult and who is not .
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