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selling a business?

my dad is wanting selling a starter and alternator repair business online and he wants me to help him with it. he is selling the title, and all the supplies but not the building. Would this be allowed on eBay. Best answer more than one vote please.

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    You can sell this on ebay, but I would not recommend it.

    Find a site like or . Read through some entries, ideally in your dad's line of business. You'll gain some great info.

    Please confer with the following folks, ebay or not:

    - your CPA, so you keep the most after taxes and for business valuation

    - your banker, if a bank has extended credit to the business

    - an equipment appraiser, they can validate values for you and the buyer's bank

    - attorney, they will help you to understand the purchase agreement in full

    - a licensed business broker with a network of buyers already in place.

    A lot of the above cost money, either up front or at the close of the sale.

    The SBA has a volunteer corps called SCORE. This is free. You can find them at or via your local Chamber of Commerce.

    Another fantastic resource is your state's SBDTC (Small Business Development and Technology Center). Each state has its own office. Go to Google and enter your state's name + SBDTC. This is free.

    Get in front of a counselor from one of these agencies to begin. The SBDTC might have more current info on selling on ebay, given the typical ties to universities and the IT culture.

    Source(s): Almost 20 years of banking experience, sat on local university's business school board for developing companies, mentor to one of the above mentioned agency's counselors, created, bought & sold business for clients and for self.
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    I don't think it is a good idea to sell business online. Since it will be someone local to purchase it. eBay is more for things that you can ship across US.

    But I think you should put the business in the classified section of local newspaper, to find interested buyer. If he is serious about selling it, get a business realator. Most business sells in a 6-12 months. Best way is to ask if someone who worked for him is interested in buying.

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    I wouldn't see why he couldn't sell it on Ebay. They sell houses. You might try a search on Ebay to see if anyone else is trying to sell a business.

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    no work with a professional with network of solid buyers…


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