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How would you categorize the mood? Furthermore, how does she achieve this effect? In other words, what textual elements work to set the mood, and how does it affect the story?

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    Well, first of all, the question is a fairly broad one and mood/atmosphere can sometimes change throughout the story.

    One way you can look for mood is through the author's diction (word choice) and sensory details (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing). If you are looking closely at the author's writing in addition to reading for plot, you may see that a pattern is emerging in the atmosphere.

    Generic Example 1

    The silence enveloped the room; it encased me and cut me off from the reality of where I now stood. A single, cold bead of sweat trickled alongside my temple and my eyes darted a million paths straining for both confirmation and denial of what might be lingering in the room.

    Mood words: "silence enveloped" "encased" "cut me off" (also personification) "cold bead of sweat" "trickled" "eyes darted" "lingering"---all provide a mood of fear of foreboding.

    Generic Example 2

    The quiet of the room lit me with a kind of giddy anticipation. I could scarcely believe I stood in the middle of of a melange of fanciful streamers and gilt-ribboned gifts. My eyes glanced the room a million times, never lingering too long on one gift or another, but taking in and being amused by the notion that I had arrived too early for my own surprise party.

    Mood words/phrases: "giddy anticipation" "fanciful" "gilt-ribboned gifts" "glanced" "amused"--all of these together could suggest a mood of mirth/happiness.

    You might try not only looking at Du Maurier's novel as a whole, but try breaking it down into some scenes which evoke a similar mood. In those scenes does the author use sensory details, figurative language (metaphor, simile, personification, etc.), symbols, unusual punctuation (dashes for example) or sentence structure (long/short, periodic or cummulative sentences) in a pattern or way to create a mood?

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    try using spark notes.

    here's the website, it got methrouhg all my highschool and most of my college english classes. Good luck!


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