Do you think some IDOL singers are as good as the top professional singers?

They can handle difficult songs like:: I Who Have Nothing, I Will Always Love You, I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves You, My Heart Will Go On--with ease! Name your favourites.



Thanks folks,esp Buffalo, Denis, DJ and Kavi for v.g inputs. Can close now actually if not for the stringent rule of 4 hrs. Some of your analysis and comments are so accurate you can even become an official Judge!

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    Some idol singers are the top professional singers out there.

    I think my all time favorite idol singer was Latoya London. She gave some stellar performances, live, on idol. Fantasia "yeah yeah yeah" barrino can't hold a candle to latoya. I didn't think kelly clarkson was all that great in the first season. But she won and her cd's ROCK. Taylor Hicks was excellent when he did play that funky music white boy, but after the soul patrol made him the american idol, his cds are not great. Then there is bucky covington who sucked on american idol only to come back and sell a boatload of cds and have hit singles. Chris Daughtry is the man. He has a great voice, good band behind him like clarkson, he can hit notes people dream about hitting. He'll be around for a while. Carrie Underwood just looks better and better everytime I see her, an amazing beauty with talent.

    Alot of folks got turned off by idol this past season. Especially with Sanjaya is your papaya making it as far as he did. As far as the guys are concerned, that talent pool has been tapped out for idol. And Melinda "no neck" doolittle getting screwed at the end. The last couple weeks of that show, you are just wasting your money voting on these people as the producers have total control of the voting and they are going to put the best looking male and females in the final two. There is always some kind of voting discrepancy going on. So I wanted to say something more than "Idol sucks". I'm on the fence as to whether I will watch next season or not.

    As I said earlier, I think the talent pool has been tapped out.

    Alot of good singers out there that have been on the show before don't want to waste their time again. So the talent is getting thinner and thinner.

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    well sadly talent counts for very little nowadays. look at season 6 of Idol, with Sanjaya making it to the top 8 or whatever while AJ Tabaldo and Rudy and Leslie and Alaina, all much better singers, didn't even make it to the top 12. Look again at the top 3.. Melinda, obviously the BEST singer perhaps EVER on Idol, losing to Blake and Jordin...

    It's all about image. Gwen Stefani can barely carry a tune yet is so popular. As is Fergie and everyone else.

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    Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have moved on and passed their Idol beginnings. They were undoubtedly the more talented of all the idols. Stage presence and knowing what music suits your voice, and some origninality all help too.

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    is your avatar supposed to have, what looks like a gun pointed at your head? I'm just wondering if I'm seeing things....

    Clay, Jordin, Catharine McFever, Latoya London, Kelly C....all sing better than many of the hacs out there making CD's, pleasing the masses who have no idea what actual talent is.

    and Daughtry.....he's in a class all his own. I can't even list him w/ the others. beautiful man.

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    it dosent matter if your a fantastic singer you need to have a style that stands out from the rest sadly many idol singers sound similar to top proff. singers but its already bin done they need a comination of a great voice orginality and great performance live to make them popular in the REAL world and start to be as good as the stars

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    No, Kelly clarkson was the only good singer maybe runben and tymyra but the rest sucks

  • 4 years ago

    properly, in case you seem at their profession it says they are the two singers or musicians or some thing else. yet maximum each and every person is song appropriate so as that they ought to be expert! and that's certainly no longer truthful!

  • 1 decade ago

    i think some of them can hang.....

    it's not all about the pipes, though...

    there's stage presence too.

    like amy winehouse!!

    i love her, i could sit and listen to her CD all her in thanks.

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    1 decade ago

    american idol sucks

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