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How do I notify my site administrator of a security error concerning a domain name mismatch???

I was attempting to sign in to my yahoo mail account when a pop up window emerged warning me of a possible interception of my communications with Yahoomail by a company named GTE Cyber Trust Global Root. I wrote down by hand (as I was unable to drag and drop or copy and paste) all the details provided by the pop-up. This is making me kind of nervous and I would like to contact my site administrator to get to the bottom of this. Are there any computer geeks who can help me get to the bottom of this rather disconcerting development???

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Honestly, I would run a virus/spyware scan (Spybot) and restart your computer. I would then try again. If you don't recieve the error, I wouldn't think its a problem. Most computer problems can be overlooked as long as they are not consistent.

    And I know the problem sounds serious... but it probably isn't.

    For future reference, you can take a screenshot of your computer screen using Print Screen button and then pasting it into a paint program.

    If it happens a second time, then I would take action. There could be a severe security issue on your computer.

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  • mark
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Contact your site admin or whoever does technical support and just tell him what happened. There are a number of system logs for errors that he can look at. He will want the exact time this happened(or as close as you remember )

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