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My Dad keeps flirting with my girlfriend, what do I do?

My Dad is 43, muscular and like 6'4. He and my mom are divorced so he's dating. Everytime I bring my girlfriend around he flirts like hell. Now he's taking her to the gym with him for personal training sessions and I don't like it. Last week I saw him pat her on the butt after we left the gym together. She says its nothing, he says it's nothing but I'm worried. My Dad is a handsome dude and he dates alot of young women. I'm just scared that he's gonna eventually screw my girl. And yes, I talked to him about it and he said he's not attracted to her and that I should mellow out.


Me and my girl are 21, so my dad's not a pedophile... wait, I'm defending him.

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    It may already be too late

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    It doesn't matter whether he's "attracted to her" or not; he's disrespecting you.

    Your girlfriend is allowing/encouraging this, and you should tel her that you won't trust her around ANY man if she doesn't somehow figure out how to get your dad to behave in a way that pleases you.

    If she can't understand that, then it's time for you to distance yourself from your dad. Create no situation where the two of them will cross paths, and consider dumping this girlfriend so you can get a new one and start over. On the new girlfriend, never, ever introduce her to your dad or even mention that you have a dad nearby.

    I am being practical; these are the things you need to do to protect your own heart and have self-respect.

    By the way, your mom was right to divorce his philandering ***.

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    You dont say how old are you or your girlfriend, if your both adults then stop bringing friends over to your father home. I dont care how good your father looks he has no right to disrespect you. Talk to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel. Tell her you disaprove your father behavior and would like for her to stop accepting training session from your father. Explain to her your father only look for young girls to get intimiate and drops them. If she is a true friend she will do as you say. As for your father its time to put your foot down and tell him you dont control is personal life, but you will not accept him flirting or getting involved with any of your friends period. If he refuses to respect your wishes then its time to move out get a place of your own and stop intruding friends to your father.

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    Tell him to back the f*ck off. He shouldn't even be doing that to your girl, don't "mellow" out confront him and ask why the two of them have been getting closer? No offense man but what a f*cking pedophile.

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    Tell him you'll mellow out when he starts respecting you and stop flirting with your girlfriend. Ask him if it makes him feel like a man when he uses his own son's girlfriend to feed his ego. There are plenty of fish in the sea...tell him to cast his fishing "rod" somewhere else.

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    Your dad should know better than this (horny bastard) but unfortunately, he doesn't. There's obviously something to this situation. You may want to tell your friend that this bothers you and limit your communication with her. If she comes over to hang out with your dad then it's pretty clear. Contact HER parents and tell her what's going on. They'll put a stop to it.

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    Tell him to act his age. He behavior is wrong. He should respect you and the girlfriend. Shame on her for not slapping his hand or face when he "pats her on the butt".

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    Tell him he's pissing you off and you know where he sleeps and lives... let him know you don't take that type of shiz for a joke and your willing to protect your integrity at any cost.

    Tell you mom too.. I'm sure she'll love the next time they talk for her to make reference to his peverted ways.

    Threaten to do badddd things to stuff like his toothbrush if he doesn't leave her alone.

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    I think your over reacting I think she is just being nice with your dad and if your dad thinks she is joking then SHE IS

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    This happens, even that happens that g/f has an affair with the her b/f's father. But it is not a problem, as Italians say, "it remains in the family".

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