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Will American Football be overtaken by International Football (aka soccer)?

More and more schools are dropping or deemphasizing "Football" and more and more students are opting to play the international Football (aka soccer).

Increase in Latin American immigrants is good news for international football.

International football is becoming a neighbourhood sport like baseball used to be. Can be played anywhere.

Unlike baseball, American football needs gladiatorial equipment.

Currently, big money is still with American football. Will the money switch over to international football.

The strategy in international football is subtle and complex while the strategy in American football is simple and obvious. Will the American audience appreciate and understand a more complex sport?

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    Unfortunately, no. American football is simply too powerful in this country, and soccer has never really taken least, not since the third place finish in the 1930 Cup.

    While American soccer is on the rise, there are still some things to notice:

    1. While overall strategies in soccer may be complex, they rarely involve more than three players in an area at once. Thus, to the television audience (the largest for any sporting event), there are only a few players on-screen at a time.

    Compare this to football, where all 11 offensive and usually at least 6 of the defensive players are together at once.

    2. Soccer takes place in two 45-minute uninterrupted halves. No American has that kind of attention span. We, as a culture, are much more drawn to the quick, two-minute plays of football or, at most, a 20-minute college basketball half.

    3. This is the big one. Scoring doesn't happen enough with soccer to make it a major American sport.

    Our culture is drawn to big plays, and a slide tackle just doesn't cut it. We want big goals, and they don't happen enough in soccer. That actually goes a long way to explaining the arena football craze today.

    4. Americans hate ties.

    Look at the baseball All-Star game that ended in a tie. It's considered a travesty of American sports. Hockey, slow as usual, has implemented a penalty shot rule to end ties. We want winners and losers, and playing to a nil-nil draw will end a sport in American eyes in a hurry.

    It's sad, because soccer is a beautiful sport. But in the end, unless there comes a real cultural renaissance in sport, America just isn't made for it.

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    Internationally I think it already has. In the US I think it's doubtful. There has been numerous attempts to bring a major soccer organization in the past few decades and for the most part they have failed. Even news of the signing of David Beckham to the LA Galaxy barely made a peep in the news amidst the Michael Vick news and the Barry Bonds news.

    In the US, soccer has always been seen more as a kids sport more than anything else. It has always been a neighborhood sport in the US, but it has rarely moved beyond that. For the most part just about every kid in the US has taken part in little league soccer, but once they grow older they tend to pursue other sports.

    As for your comment on American football being simple and obvious, you've obviously never delved very deeply into American football. I can say the same thing about soccer/football if I didn't understand the rules, that it's just a bunch of guys kicking a ball back and forth, but clearly it's much more than that. The same holds true with American football. The devil is in the details, and if you don't grasp the details of course it would seem simple on paper.

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    No way Soccer overtakes American Football in this country. Soccer is getting popular and may even close the gap a little bit with the big sports, but it'll not be a major spectator sport. May be more and more people will play it, but watching it religiously on TV is not going to happen in this country anytime soon.

    By the way, your "strategy" comment is way off as well. Soccer is nowhere near Football in terms of strategy or complexity.

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    Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. However American football will always reign supreme in the USA. Americans crave action, crushing hits and fast paced plays with high scoring.

    Soccer is low scoring and very slow paced majority of the time. Which is why soccer hasn't taken off in the USA even after 20 years of heavy marketing and creation of several american soccer leagues.

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