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Where to study english is the best?

I would like to improve my English for my work, especially speaking in English and writing. My choices include British Council and aston business school. I have heard that there is English for Workplace held by British Council, however the course is not fully related to the job. I want to find some places can teach English mainly for job.

Is anyone study at these schools before? Is the course helpful to your job or improve your english?

Thanks a lot

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    i have been study english in British Council (the course fee is a bit expensive). yes, it won't be relate to your job however, you have a changes to improve yourself in writing, reading, listening and chatting, right!?

    writing - you may find someone as a pen-friend or web-mate (of course, use english)

    eventhought that's not formal - like me , as least you know how to start,

    am i right? (sorry, i know my english is no good)

    reading - the only way is english book (it doesnt' matter what kind of book)

    listening - radio and tv is the best way.

    chatting - it's the only way can't solve it easily..........

    i think i can help you a bit. good luck.

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    Where to study english is the best?


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    His rise to power was very sudden.


    There was a sudden change in the plan.


    2. 迅速的,快的

    1. (只用於習語)突然發生的事


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    1. 【醫】潰瘍

    2. 腐敗

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