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I am 13 yrs old, I love a girl in school but in diffrent class.Now,we were both on an enrichment programm in England.I always look at her and sometimes she will look back, we are friends now.She is rich,beautiful and her academic result is better than me.I tried a lot of times to attract her attention,for example I talked to her for 4mins and 23 secs in a bookstore.Can anyone teach me how can I let her to have Good feeling about me or be my GF?Answer in Chinese or English Thanks


You all r right.

Spree:This is how I wanna do but,she dont know her own phone num, i cant date her in front of her friends right?

Flower:Ur suggestion is nice n dis is how i treated her.

陳雲海:Ur very correct i gotta keep this feeling

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    I think you need to use your conversation time to extract information from her. From her personal details (family, friends) to her interests, you need to come up with a plan.

    After knowing her, you need to first see whether you have something in common with her. Then you can suggest doing those things with her (movies, walking on the beach, etc). Also tell her something unique about yourself in the process. Most important thing is make your conversation interesting, praise her a lot. That is what I found to be a very effective tool.

    Then it is really up to her whether she likes you or not. If she is, as you said, rich and beautiful and smart, then you would have to expect that many boys will be after her. Stay close to her and be a friend, then wait for the right moment.

    Good Luck to you and feel free to ask me further.

    Hope it helps.

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    Simple: when you are all together, tell her you want to ask her something and pull her aside. Then ask her something unimportant, then after she answered you said "by the way, would you have time for such and such"Should work if she likes you.

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