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I in study in the process, the student is my province. Had been competent class leader, on in the belt gang foreman's process, always difficult to control the general situation, in the class is often noisy, sometimes the opinion mutual economic assistance organization does not divide into the opposition faction and the approval faction, stands in the middle my very difficult personhood. However I will ask everybody to propose the view, and will analyze the feasible proportion, in voting by ballot. Also knew each time in records the name time, some people will not be happy, but this will be a responsibility, will affect not good because of individual factor the class in the order.

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    In the process of pursuing my studies, being a student was my duty. I

    had acted as a leader in the class. However, I always can not control the whole class during I was a class leader. The class were always noisy.

    Sometimes they might have different opinions. Therefore, they would divide into two parts, one was agreed part, another was disagreed part. I did not know which part that I should stand for. Hence, I would ask them to express their thought. After that I would analyze the feasible rates and let them to vote. I knew that some people would be unhappy when I recorded their names, but I still had to do so. I could not let the personal factors to influence the class order because it was my duty.


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    最後一段的 to influence的to不要喔!

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