Are personal stun guns legal to own for self-protection in South Carolina?

Are personal stun guns legal to own for self-protection in South Carolina?

As a disabled senior living alone, owning one for my personal protection would make me feel more secure. I would have no problem disabling an intruder, but definitely would not own a gun except for target (inanimate) practice.

I did post this question under another title, but only got one ambiguous answer. This seems to be a better place for the question anyway. Sorry I didn't use it before. Please answer. Life is getting just a little bit scarier for me these days. Thanks a bunch to y'all.

A Fairfield County senior

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    A stun gun has to be in physical contact with the bad guy. You would have to shove the device against his body and discharge the stun. Then hold it for three to five seconds for it to have full effect. As a disabled senior, do you have the physical strength for that?

    A Taser, another stun device, can fire two metal barbs up to about 18 feet. But you have to get both barbs into the body, if one misses, no shock can be delivered. The device is only good for one or two shots.

    Your best bet is a aerosol can of 10% pepper spray. A two second spray will drop most people to their knees. It temporarily blinds and chokes the attacker, giving you time to get out of the area or call for help. If you miss you can fill the room with the spray and still disable your attacker (and yourself). The effects are temporary but effective.

    If you decide to get the pepper spray, get the type that sprays a stream rather then a spray. The stream is easy to see and direct to attackers face. If you can find the orange colored pepper spray, better yet. It will dye the attackers skin, making him easy to find.

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    I didn't see any bans for stun guns on the web for your state , but you might want to ask your local police department.

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