How much detail in the invitation?

Who: me and my fiance, family, friends

What: wedding

When: our wedding date and time of the ceremony

Where: ??

How do we address the "where" on the invitation itself? Do we put the full address of the location? Just the name and city of the church/museum/etc and then have a small map and full directions in included in the envelope? How detailed should the directions be? (Should we give directions from the airport? Or just from "downtown"? Major highway exits?)

Also, do we have to include "reception to follow"? Or is it assumed? For what time of day is it assumed?

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    If you want to put your parents on the invitation (besides the couples' names), that would be fine, but it depends on how old you are and who is paying for the invitations. I've always heard that whoever is paying for the invitations is supposed to be listed first. (That's why on some of them, it says the parents of the bride first.)

    As for putting the location, put the entire address, minus the zip code and state (unless you have a lot of people coming from out of state). Spell out words like "avenue", "boulevard", and the name of state. Do not use abbreviations. You can use numbers for the building and street numbers. Do not use numbers in the date and time of the wedding. By that I mean, don't use numerical numbers (1, 2, 3, 4). Spell them out. (One, Two, Three, Four). An example would be: "On Wednesday, the sixth of May, Two Thousand and Seven, at Four o'clock that afternoon" It makes it longer, but that really is the proper way to do it.

    Be detailed on your directions, but not so detailed that it makes the directions hard to follow. Give general directions for people coming from north and south (or east and west). Major highway exits are okay. Include a map on a separate piece of paper.

    List that a reception is to follow and list the time, especially if there is going to be a gap.

    Do not print on the invitations that you are registered anywhere. That is considered bad etiquette.

    Here is some weblinks for wedding invitation wording. You might find them helpful.

    You might also find it helpful to look at some examples of wedding invitations, even if you are going to print them or make them yourself. I did just a general search and here is the link for the list of websites for you to choose from:

    Source(s): Did research when I got married because I printed my own invitations.
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    Put detailed information as far as the where's and what times. You do need to include the location of the reception as well as what time it will start so guests can arrange for their transportation if it is at a diff. place than the ceremony and plan for the down time. Some weddings start the reception right after, some a few hours. Your guests will need to know. Usually I have brides put what time the reception shall end as well. If you are having an after party the location and time of that should be noted.

    Also try to include what type of reception it is, for instance hors d' ovures if you are only having appitizers needs to be noted so people know to eat beforehand.

    Include the full address of both the ceremony and the reception site if they are not the same. You can include directions but that isn't necessary. Most brides don't since including that info from every starting point possible would use alot of space and not look very good design wise. Usually guests are responsible for getting their own directions to the ceremony site and you would put directions to the reception in the wedding programs. If you have a wedding website you can put the directions and a small map on there.

    Guests who will be traveling (usually anybody more than six hours away) should get an insert listing a few local hotels and car rental companies. When they arrive provide them with some tourist information on entertainments, resturants, and a wedding timeline of when major events like group activities and the rehersal dinner are to be held.

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    You put in as much information as is pertinent in the invitation. You can include a small insert with a little map with the church and reception locations noted. A sample invitation:

    Jane Ann,

    daughter of John and Linda Doe,


    Joe Frank,

    son of Fred and Sue Cool,

    request the honour of your presence

    as they receive the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

    Saturday, the twentieth of October,

    Two thousand and seven

    at two o'clock in the afternoon

    St. Mark's Church

    123 Happy Street

    Anywhere, MD

    (the above is centered, then reception info is in lower left corner, flush left)

    Cocktails 5:30 p.m.

    Dinner 6:30 p.m.

    Dance to follow

    Lovely Ballroom

    465 Love Ave.

    Anywhere, MD

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    You really should be detailed. Put the address on the invitation for sure. A separate card for the reception should be included with time and place. People really should be responsible for their own directions-that's why you give them the address. If you have people coming from out of state then include directions for those people

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    My favorite site for this is Check out the wordings there.

    Sometimes small maps are included, sometimes not. You know your guests. Are most of them local? Are most of them familiar with your wedding venue and your reception venue? If so, then you won't need a map. But . . . if you have lots of out-of-town guests, then you need to include the map.


    When I look in your eyes

    I delight in your being

    and when you take my hand

    I delight in our being together

    Together with our parents, we




    request the honour of your presence

    as we begin a lifetime of togetherness

    on DAY


    at TIME




    Reception following ceremony



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    Mine looked like this:

    My parents and his parents proudly request the honor blah blah blah

    on such and such a date at such and such a time. (period)




    other random design stuff, monogram, etc.

    You don't have to put reception to follow, but you can if you choose...its usually less formal to put that on the invitation. If you're having an RSVP reception, you include a seperate card that allows your guests to rsvp but also gives the information as to where the reception is held and what time.

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