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Are 2-Disc Special Edition DVDs a Marketing Scam?

I just got the Special Edition 2-Disk DVD of "300", and it seems to me that they could've fit the paltry amount of bonus features onto the first disc. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I get the sinking feeling I've been suckered. Should I have waited to buy the Super Duper Director's Cut Mondo 300 Box Set?

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    ...oh, absolutely!!!

    Two very obvious prime examples of this, are the last two Quentin Tarantino projects; The powers that be convinced Tarantino to chop in half what was supposed to an epic length film, as as a result, we got "Kill Bill Volume One" and "...Volume Two" (...that's about $20-$24 in ticket sales per person, right there). Now, flash forward to the separate DVD releases (...there's another $30-$40 per household); finally, coming up in November of this year, the original epic-length film, entitled "Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair", will probably suck up yet another $25 to $30 per household!!!

    Now, coming up in September and October, we have the separate DVD releases of "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof", the films that comprised the full-length theatrical film, "Grindhouse" (...that's $10-$12 per person, at the box-office, and $40-$50 per household, for both separate DVD releases); in a year or less, we'll more than likely get the original theatrical presentation of "Grindhouse", with yet another pockert-change-steal of $25-$30 per household...

    Of course, the money-grubbing, stiff-shirted distribution and studio executive suits over at Dimension, are well aware of the prospects, here; and are of course, quick to exploit the ultimate dismay of the unsuspecting consumer, as the suits wring their greedy hands in absolute delight!!! (Muw-Huh-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Haaaaaaaaa!!!) insane marketing scam??? You bet your ***, and as far as "Grindhouse", the folks over at Dimension are not going to play me for the sucker again; it is my plan to forego the 2-disc special edition releases of "Death Proof" and "Planet Terror", in favor of the eventually-released, full-length presentation of "Grindhouse"....

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    It depends on how much you are paying.

    Suppose you can pay $20 for a DVD and either get the original edition, or the special edition 2 DVD set. Naturally you'll choose the latter.

    However, if the price is jacked up by, say, 50%, then I would say that it is a marketing scam because you're getting the movie regardless of whether or not you want to see the extra deleted scenes.

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    It is somewhat of a marketing scheme. Usually stuff that they include on the second disc, they could have easily fit on the first disc, expecially now with high-definition dvds. 2 discs makes it appear as if you are getting more. And for Americans this is a key sales booster since they want everything bigger and larger and more, just like their waistlines.

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    It's absolutely a scam. Unless you get the 2-disc set on a great sale (which you're not getting on "300" this week), then who really gives a crap about the 1 hour "making of" special?

    That's about all you're getting; a bunch of nonsense you're not going to watch more than one time. Skip it and just get the movie (single disc).

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    The other one might be a scam too, if the first one is

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