Bmw suv?!?!?

Im sixteen years old and a new driver but i heard that they are really safe. Before you start calling me a spoiled brat im not so0o0o dont even answer the question if your going to say that... i can afford it.

but is it a good car???

what is the best 1??

i dont know alot about cars so0o0o help me out.

what are some pros and cons thanks!!

o0o0o yea do they come in hybrid or how is the gas mileage?

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    Hi there id be glad to answer your question!

    For a SUV/4X4 BMW there is either the X3 (Small 4x4) and the X5 (Big 4x4)

    Both offer extensive saftey features and dont guzzle the fuel too much either.

    Info the on X3:

    Brand new they start at 38,000 US rrp with automatic gearbox and the Straight 6 engine, in the city they get 19 mpg and on the highway 26 mpg but it is reccomended you use the premium grade fuel.

    X3 Pros:

    -Considerabley quicker than the X5

    -Smaller, making it easier to park

    X3 Cons:

    - Thirstier on fuel

    -Does not look as good as the X5 (in my opinion)


    Info on the Straight 6 engined X5:

    Starts at 45,900 US rrp with auto gearbox, very spacious and safe, uses 17 mpg in the city, 23 on the highway.

    X5 pros:

    -Not as thirsty as the x3

    -Safer than the x3

    -Doesnt look like a truck

    X5 Cons:

    -Slower than the x3 considerably

    -More expensive


    Hope this helps you out! BMW Make fantastic cars, my mum and dad both own them and they are very reliable! I am going to get a BMW my self once I have finished this term (reason being people at my college/most colleges dont take kindly to people who have nice cars)


    Source(s): Family friend owns x5
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  • 1 decade ago

    BMWs are considered very safe. BMW does not import an SUV into the USA. Are you sure they even make one? BMW is a very quality and performance oriented car. BMW is not famous for economic driving or owning. BMW does not yet make a Hybrid. Maybe later. Which is the best BMW? Take your pick. There have been 3 , 5, 6, 7, 8, X3, and X5 models in the USA in recent years. Many of the older BWMs are collector cars, and have increased in value since original purchase. Look for a BWM Club in your area. There are clubs in most major cities around the world. Here in L.A. there are about 4000 members just in the LA Chapter. A mixture of driving and social events are held each month. Come and see for yourself.

    Source(s): Licensed CA smog inspector.
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  • 1 decade ago

    If you need to see higher up above the steering wheel then go with a BMW X3 or X5 which ever suits you. Or you could go with a Sedan like the 300 Series they have. Go with whatever you prefer, checking out a dealership wouldn't hurt either.

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  • 1 decade ago


    bmw can only make good cars the suv have crappy handling and are not that pretty why dont you buy a toyota prius like all the celebs have they are one of the most economical cars around(hybrid), they look good,they have very good fuel efficiancy and and like i already said all the celebs have them!

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  • 1 decade ago

    kind of a big car for a new driver

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