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proctor is finally GONE!?

the yankees traded scott proctor

what is your opinion on that??




i agree, farnsworth should have gone,,, but it is in the right direction :D

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    I wouldn't be too hard on Proctor. Yes, he was struggling, butTorre used him way too much. Proctor started out great the past two years, but because he pitched so often, he was worn out. Torre did the same thing to Tanyon Sturtze, Paul Quantrill, and the same thing is going to happen to Luis Vizcaino. The Yankees are supposed to be bringing up Joba Chamberlain soon, and I hope it doesn't happen to him.

    I am kind of sad that Proctor is gone. When he is rested, he is very good. Also, unlike most of the Yankee pitchers, he sticks up for his teammates. If a Yankee hitter is hit, then Proctor had no trouble retaliating. The Yankees will miss his attitude.

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    I would have much rather seen Kyle Farnsworth-less go.

    But getting rid of Proctor is a step in the right direction.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh! god why my team got Proctor in the trade. Is he that bad? Yankees fans, I'm a Dodgers fan i don't know anything about Proctor. Please give some info, because were dying for middles relieve, ours bullpen is over works. Thank You.

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    Im a Boston fan, but dont get me wrong...isnt the yankees problem pitching? Getting rid of a closer that has a under 4 era, and getting a third baseman. sure it makes their bench stronger but they already have Abreau, Damon, Matsui, Cabreara, Cairo, Cano, Giambi. Their bench cant really get much better. Also by getting a third baseman, to me, looks like a-rod isnt comming back. Proctor wasnt anything to write home about but I think this trade is a nightmare to a yankee fan. Losing arod for a player thats batting .231?

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    I say good riddance to Proctor even though Farnsworth shouldv'e been gone too.

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    well i still think they should of traded kyle farnsworth

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    I wouldnt be if i were you..

    the yanks needed bullpen help, and they gave up their workhorse for a backup infielder... they should have exchanged him for a reliever...

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    I can sleep at night now.


  • Jay
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    1 decade ago

    finally they got rid of that mfo

  • 1 decade ago

    thank God they got rid of him

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