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mavs340 asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

*Rate My Fanatsy Football Team!!*?

QB Marc Bulger

WR Terrell Owens

WR Lee Evans

WR Braylon Edwards

RB Shaun Alexander

RB Clinton Portis

TE Chris Cooley

BN L.J. Smith

BN Tony Romo

BN Devery Henderson

BN Tatum Bell

BN Anthony Gonzalez

BN JaMarcus Russell

K Robbie Gould

DEF Philadelphia

Rate my team out of 1 to 10 being the worst and 10 being the best.

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    QB- 8- Bulger is always a great starter. Romo is still a question mark, but a great guy to pick up as a backup and see what he does. Jamarcus Russell will not have much of a fantasy impact this year.

    WR- 7- Lee Evans will be your horse. Owens is getting older, more injury prone and as he showed last year, he is starting to drop a lot more balls. He will still be productive though not a guy who will carry the team. I actually like Devery Henderson better than Braylon Edwards this year. Henderson will go into his second year in New Orleans pass happy offense and I think he could break out this year. Anthony Gonzalez is a great flyer in the last rounds with Manning as his QB.

    RB-6- Alexander is saying he is healthy this year. If he is, that could be a huge upside for you. Portis seems to always find a way to get hurt, so you will need to pick up his backup or trade to get another back. Bell will be splitting time with Jones in Detroit reducing his value. You are one injury away from losing a lot of games because of this position, and you have injury prone players.

    TE-6- Cooley is good, but all you get are TD's making him inconsistant. One week will be good, the next will give you a zero. However, about half of the teams in your league will likely have a middle of the road TE, so this will not lose any games for you.

    K-8- Gould will win you games because the Bears offense is likely to get into kicking position more this year with Cedric Benson at the RB position. Great pick.

    Def- Philly will be solid, but keep your eyes open on the waiver wire for teams with good matchups when Philly plays some high powered offenses.

    Overall-7- You have good QB's and WR's, but like I said, you are one injury away from having your season down the tubes with your running backs. I would estimate that in a 12 game regular season of head to head play, if players stay healthy 9-3 if you lose a RB 4-8, likely you will land in the middle with your record 7-5.

  • 1 decade ago

    QB: 8 - Bulger is a certified stud and Romo is an awesome back up for him. I like these two.

    WR: 8 - Great depths. Owens and Evans will carry you a long ways. Edwards showed he can catch the ball and Henderson as a reserve should see a significant increase in production as the #2 in NO.

    RB: 5 - Weakest position. Alexnader is good, but still might be hurt. Portis is currently nursing a knee injury. Bell is a back up to Kevin Jones. You don't have enough depth at this position. You will get outscored here on most weeks. Your WR's are good enough to cover for their low point production though.

    TE: 7 - Cooley and LJ are both very solid TE's and will be dependable

    K: 7 - Gould is pretty good, and killed last year

    D: 7 - Philly is always good for some sacks and turnovers...

    All in all, averaging it all out, your team is a 7 out of 10. Better than average, but those RB's might really hurt you and that is what is bringing this team down. Not a bad team by all means though. Good luck this season!

  • 1 decade ago

    Why did you only draft three RBs? Those are your strongest players and should form the backbone of your team. Looks like you drafted 5th out of 10 teams. If he were available, I would have taken Travis Henry, Lawrence Maroney, or even Brandon Jacobs over Portis in the second round.

    I imagine you then went QB - WR, based on those picks - which are good. And, I could see you going to WR again for pick #5 (Lee Evans is a good pick). By pick # 6, Tatum Bell might have been the best RB left on the board.

    But, you should have rounded out your running back corps a little better, and picked a sleeper or handcuff for one of your other backs.

    BTW - Why 3 QBs (Bulger, Romo, and Russell)? And, who the he11 is Anthony Gonzalez?

    I'll give you a 6, based on lack of depth at RB.

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  • 5 years ago

    I'm gonna give the Red Sox an A- They won five of six games and won both series, sweeping the Twins and being now only half a game behind the Yankees. Lackey pitched a one-hitter through six innings yesterday and Clay Buchholz is still undefeated, entering this week with a 1.78 ERA. Now they face a weak White Sox team who could take only two out of four against the now overrated Angels before they come back home to play for the last four times this season against the AL Central leading Indians. edit: i should mention that lester is undefeated as well with a 2.72 ERA and a complete game one-hitter a week and a half ago.

  • 1 decade ago

    I give it a 8 and half. You have awesome QB's and WR's. But i think you should try trading Owens or Evans for a better RB like Marice Jones-Drew or Marion Barber. Put Edjerrin James in your head to. I think that man will have a breakout season. How scary are the cardinals?

    How 'bout them Cowboy's ????

  • 5. Just to soft at RB. Alexander is over 30 and Portis and Alexander are injury prone. Soft on TE good WR's and good QB.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would give you a 7 without knowing who else was in your league. Pretty good depth all around. Philly D might be suspect, but I think it looks all right

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    5, not too good at RB, and just O.K at WR

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