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Who is the district attorney?

While i was getting consultation from a lawyer, he appointed me to the District attorney? What does the district attorney do and what can he do for me? (i was in an auto accident - got hit by a person who was cited for OWI) what is the difference between an attorney, lawyer & district attorney?

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    The District Attorney prosecutes criminal matters. A civil attorney files lawsuits. He probably sent you to the DA because whoever hit you needs to be criminally prosecuted. The DA doesn't necessarily represent you persay but he represents the people, which includes you. He also is free.

    If you want to sue that guy for money later, it helps your case if the DA gets a guilty verdict in the criminal proceedings.

    By the way, you won't be the DA's client but you will be his/her star witness.

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    District attorney is an executive officer of government. He prosecutes crimes and does not represent you.

    Attorney and lawyer are the same thing.

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    The District Attorney is an elected official and the chief prosecution officer of your district and he/she is charged with prosecuting crimes in your district.

    Hope that helps.

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    They do not. They elect them because they are partisan and the people who vote for them feel they will act in the manner that they, the voters, want. Except for city attorneys all are elected. The city attorneys are appointed by elected officials.

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    the district attorney files criminal cases on behalf of the general public (residents) in your area. a regular lawyer can only file civil charges for monetary damages.

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    a district attorney works for the state. he prosecutes people in criminal court.

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    The D.A.'s job is to represent the government in the presecution of criminal for the disrict he/she represents. Simple lawyers represent civilians.

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