do you think the confederate flag stands for racism?

i believe it is simply a symbol of southern pride and not a racist symbol. if you think it is a racist symbol, PROVE IT!


If you think it does then read a book and get your reasons for the civil war in order! It started because of taxes and tarriffs.

Update 2:

AND if it makes you sick to your stomach then don't even reply.

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    I agree, it just symbolizes southern history. I hate that I can't display one because people will wonder if I am racist. It doesn't help either that when they want to take them down from state capital buildings the KKK comes out with their robes and hoods to try to protect it. People are so ignorant. I'm also sick of it being associated with racism because it waved during the civil war. People always act like slavery was the whole reason for the civil war, read a book people. *************To the dumb lady who said she's from Germany the Confederate flag represented the South not hatred towards black people, the Nazi flag did represent hatred towards Jewish people and tried to wipe out their race the Confederate army didn't go around fighting and killing just black people so they shouldn't even be compared, you need to learn some American history************Also, the North wasn't protecting black people from slavery, who do you think they put on the front lines for their war against the South? When black men fought for the North they weren't even given the same supplies all other military men were given as basic issue. To be honest, during the time the flag got its bad wrap was a time that this country was treating black people, native americans, and many other people and cultures badly because as a nation we were ignorant. I am glad we can now all work, vote, and live together. I love that there are all kinds of different people in this country that we can live with and learn from. For those of you that don't like the flag, you are entitiled to your opinion, but destroying the flag won't change anything. I was born and have lived in the South all of my life and I am proud of that, the same way I'm proud to be an American, the same way people that come from other countries are proud of where they come from.

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    I live in the south, but originally a Yankee. I believe that showing the Confererate flag is fine as a symbol of southern pride. I do agree the problem is that some people take it too far and use it to relive the Civil War era...which for some will never be over. A few years ago in SC, there was a discussion over flying the two flags, side by side (Confederate and American), but I'm not sure of the outcome. I do think that even though I would allow the two to be displayed together, the American flag should be more prominant. And, no I don't think it's racist.

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    I think that the Confederate flag, along with any other flag, symbol, logo, etc, has a history and a message attached to it that has nothing to do with pride in southern heritage.

    It is interpretable by different people to mean different things, but because it was created as a symbol of a culture that subjugated one race to elevate another, it is completely reasonable to say that it is a "racist symbol". Crosses can be considered a racist symbol when they are burned on someone's lawn. Swastika's are a racist symbol when used in Nazi-paraphernalia rather than as an equal-armed solar cross. The flag's symbolism lies in its intent. I have ancestors on both sides of the American Civil War, and while I do not and will not fly a CSA flag (Just like I don't fly a British flag, since we were once British citizens, too) I can understand why to some it is a thorn and to others a bloom.

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    I don't feel it is, but I can understand why some people do. That's problem: it's a racist symbol only if you feel it is.

    If we're going to brand the Confederate flag as racist, I would ask why? Because the Confederate Constitution specifically allowed for slavery?

    Well, then you can make the same argument about the Star and Stripes. Slavery flourished under our flag for over 80 years and our Constitution allowed for slavery, stating only that the importation for slaves must end in the year 1810 (or about that time).

    I think the racist imagery came about because the Ku Klux Klan hijacked the Confederate flag and started using it as one of their key symbols. From that point on, I think the "Stars and Bars" was doomed to be a racist symbol forever.

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    It was a flag used to represent the southern states in The Civil War. The south were fighting FOR slavery to be an ongoing, er, lifestyle, and the north were fighting against it. Because the southerners wanted to keep slavery, people often associate them and the flag with racism, although it can just represent the southern states of America

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    I don't think it is a racist symbol. The flag symbolizes a period of history, the pride of The South.

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    It's definitely a racist symbol!

    I passed by an RV in Huntington Beach, CA that had a confederate flag flying from it's pole and I became sick to my stomach.

    If it wasn't racist I would have felt glee, like when I see the California flag. =0)

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    The confederate flag symbolizes how the south wanted to separate from the north due to the law being passed that it's illegal to purchase new slaves. It didn't state that you had to get rid of the ones that you had, but just that you couldn't aquire new ones. Living in the south now, I see that they see it differently. I didn't live in the north either, I lived overseas, so don't say that I see it only like the north teaches it. That is the reason the confederacy started. They can say other wise all they want. I'm German and you don't see me flying the nazi flag around. Pride in German history! I don't think so, it equates the same.

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    Well, I can certainly understand the feeling. If it is used to show pride in the history of the south, that largely indicates positive feelings toward slavery and a bloody fight to maintain it. That isn't a very positive thing to be proud of. If it has nothing to do with history, why use the Confederate flag?

    The Confederacy itself was founded to maintain slavery. How could you separate use of the flag from what the organization stood for?

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    This Flag was above the armies that fraught to keep BLACK People in changes and whites owning them like cattle. That is a true fact that this idea and gold was purely races and nothing else. I think this flag should remain flying so we never forget how vindictive this country has been in the pass. As both the abuse of blacks, Native Americans, Spanish, Irish, and the rest should never be forgotten; in the name of GOD how many have we killed?!

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