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does Physicians Formula Lash In A Tube Full Coverage Cream Black Mascara work?

and what does it do?

and where can you get it?


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    I've used Physicians Formula makeup products for over 20 years (my now husband used to work there)and I have never been dissatisfied with any of it. In fact, while I don't use any particular makeup company exclusively, I do keep PF mascara in supply and their new mineral powders work nicer on me than SheerCover. (More affordable too.) The Lash in a Tube black mascara is perfect for me because I have very long brown eyelashes, and about 95% other mascaras just clump and look unnatural no matter what they claim. After about 2 months, it's glob-city and on long,fine lashes Lash in a Tube never gets like that for me and is easy to take off (I hate mascara that is difficult to remove and pulls lashes out). It's a good product in my long experience of experimenting. It has a normal applicator brush that screws into a soft (but not squishy gray tube and stays moist and pliable. I find it at Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, KMart, Walgreens, Longs regularly. I like PF matte eyeshadow best, it's never dull and cakey and shaded just enough without being too bright. I have big eyes and oily skin, so glittery shadows for daytime can look too dramatic.

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    I havent tried it before but its supposed to give you a 'false lash' look. you can get it from walmart.

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