MLS status?

I LIKE Soccer (stunning on HDTV)

--I don't follow it that closely, what is the general "State of MLS" is it going strong financially, any new teams or teams folding??

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    Although most MLS teams lose money, the league is strong financially becuase is has ownership groups that are commited to the league's success - and are extrememly, extrememly rich. Billionaire Phil Anschutz started the league - he was also the pioneer of cable television and fiber optics - and he has since sold the majority of the teams to individual owners - most of whom are billionaires themselves.

    The league added Toronto FC this year and will expand to San Jose next year to bring the league to 14 teams. The league plans to top out at around 20 teams, which is the number playing in most major leagues throughout the world.

    No teams are folding at present. The last time the MLS lost teams was when the Tampa Bay Mutiny and the Miami Fusion folded back in the early '90s. Since then the league has undergone numerous changes including more lucrative television contract, better success merchandising and of course - signing international stars like Beckham, Angel, Xavier, Blanco, etc.

    The main reason I think you'll see soccer continue to grow though, is because of the commitment of the owners to make it work. These are people who know how to make money and recognize potential. You don't get to be a billionaire by making stupid decisions and I believe the MLS will grow into a respectable soccer league.

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    San Jose has a franchise starting in 08. MLS is doing a lot better than it had been say 4 years ago, but it is still no where near where it needs to be. Most teams still pay players around 30,000 a year in salary. MLS is slowly garnering more support, they don't get the media attention they need to multiply the fan base. I live in DC and there is a good fan base here, but I know in other parts of the country some people don't even know MLS exists.

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    Financially very strong ... everyone knows that SJ is going to get their team back and no teams fold. as for media coverage i'd say its great because they actually broadcast highlights in sports news (this wasn't always the case), plus publicity has been soaring with the signings of players like Beckham in LA, Blanco in Chicago, Angel in NY... theres 0 chance that the league is in danger of folding (look at all those people that turned out to see LA Vs Dallas just to hold signs that basically said "I want to see Beckham" even though everyone knew that he wouldnt be playing)

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    toronto fc new this year going to be a great franchise

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