How to measure ton capacity of mechanical Power Press? is there any intrument for ton measurment?

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We can measure other specfications such as ht , width ,stroke, table size etc by a scale.
But not Mechanical Power which is specified in TON.
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if you can get the bore of the cylinders for the press along with the number of cylinders and the pressure of the hydraulic system, you can calc the capacity.

hydraulic pressure times the bore area times the number of cylinders

note, might have to subtract the area of the cylinder shaft if it is on the acting side.

Otherwise, mgiht have to get load cells and mount them to the underside of the table to measure the force
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  • mr.perfesser answered 7 years ago
    Best way is to calculate it from the hydraulic pressure, as described above. You should have the working pressure in the specs. If not, or if you are not sure it is up to spec, you can put a pressure gage in the line next to the cylinder.
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