I need to recieve collect calls from a county jail!!!?

I am trying to recieve a call from the county jail in Bexas county Texas and I live in Harris County Texas. When I called my Comcast/Time Warner phone company they said I can't recieve collect calls from a different county than I live in......so.....What do I do? Is there anyway for me to be able to recieve a collect call from Bexas county jail while living in Harris county?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    why dont u buy the person some of those calling cards.. He/ she doesnt have to pay a thing since the money is in the card already... Give them to the person and he/she can call u as they wish and allowed in jail.

    They are international so i dont see how that wouldnt work..

    Best of luck

    Source(s): they have a local number to call and then all he/she needs to do is dial urs to communicate with u.. they are very useful.. I am from argentina and I use them all the time
  • 5 years ago

    Yes it will charge you. Call your phone company for estimated charges. Jails make profits from these calls via the secondary company.

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