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I have all the Sims 2 expansion packs but why won't it play H&M?

When I insert the H&M disc it just tells me to use the Seasons one. But the Seasons one is scratched so it doesn't work, is there any way of me using the H&M one to play without buying a new Seasons (a patch or something)?

Please help :D thanks xx

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    Any Sims 2 game that is after The sims 2 Open for business requires you use the latest expansion pack you have to play the game, not the stuff pack disc.

    You could get the Sims 2 seasons disc buffed or get a disc repair kit, or look for a patch or something that allows you to play the game without the disc, if push comes to shove, just order a replacement disc from EA for $13USD which is better than paying $20-$30 USD for a game you already brought.

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    As a used-to-be active member of the Sims 2 site, I would ask this on their bulletin boards. There's some pretty knowledgeable people there.

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