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Ever watch ," Jay Walking " ? If so , then don't be disturbed about Bush ! He's only a reflection of the

American People .

We only vote for who we are comfortable with !!!


" Jay Walking " ,is on Jay Leno . He has two idiot students talking about politics as they know it >

Update 2:

senior citizen : You are soooo right !!!!

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    Jay Leno is a Hollywood liberal, interviewing some incredibly ignorant young Hollywood liberals. What do you expect but gibberish?

    "Jay Walking" is a spoof, but also a real indictment of young Californians and the California public school system. We have to presume he's getting some interviews with students from the USC-Berkeley campus as well. One thing you can bank on -- they voted Democrat.

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    never saw jay walking. I'm comfortable with my vote going to tancredo. and only tancredo

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