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1. 請小心頭頂OHT上下貨!

2. 請確實從機台正前方作業!

3. 請勿從機台側邊作業,以免危險!

4. 請盡量避免倚靠或碰撞安全屏風!



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    1.Beware of overhead crane while in operation.

    2.Operate the machine only from the forward platform.

    3.Please do not operate the machine from the side to avoid injury.

    4.Please do not bump or lean on the safety screen.


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    1. Please watch loading/unloading from overhead OHT

    2. Make sure you operate directly in front of the machine.

    3. Any operation from the side of the machine is dangerous.

    4. Avoid leaning against or bumping on the safety screen.

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    1. Watch out the unload goods from head.

    2. Please working at the front side of machine.

    3. Don't working at the machine side. Prevent dangerous.

    4. Don't lay on or run into the safe shield.

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    1. 請小心頭頂OHT上下貨!

    1. Please beware your head on the OHT while loading and unloading

    2. 請確實從機台正前方作業!

    2. Please only operate the machine at the front!

    3. 請勿從機台側邊作業,以免危險!

    3. Please do not operate the machine from the side to avoid danger!

    4. 請盡量避免倚靠或碰撞安全屏風!

    4. Please do not leans or knock on the safety screen!

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