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guitar tap?

i wanted to know how to tap. i have squier fender strat. im a beginner and i dont have the money to buy all the good things for a guitar. i just want to get the basic things. thanx in advance

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    to tap..hmm you can use your finger or your pick..your finger gives it s dull kinda sound where as your pick gives it a louder sound...put your finger where ever and tap with pick or finger..dont know how to explain it any more...and you dont need fancy crap for would help to get a better sound.

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    any guitar is suited for any type, keep in mind that. all that concerns is whats being performed, and that it sounds stable. my wager is that the les paul probable has low output pickups, on an identical time as your kramer has severe output pickups. if i'm spectacular, all you're gonna could do is upload slightly greater tension once you faucet on your les paul

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