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Song Order Of Christina Aguilera's Back To Basics Tour???

If you went and u know the complete order of the songs she sang then answer this i'm trying to get a songlist together and see the outcome at

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    Track listing

    Disc one

    "Intro (Back to Basics)" (Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi, Hawkins, Darnell) – 1:47

    "Makes Me Wanna Pray" (Aguilera, DioGuardi, Harrison, Winwood) – 4:10

    "Back in the Day" (Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi, Costa, Castor, Fridie, Gibson, Jensen, Manigault, Thomas) – 4:13

    "Ain't No Other Man" (Aguilera, Charles Roane, Chris E. Martin, Harold Beatty, Kara DioGuardi) – 3:48

    "Understand" (Aguilera, DioGuardi, Holland, Toussaint) – 3:46

    "Slow Down Baby" (Aguilera, Ronson, DioGuardi, Angry, Guest, Knight, Patton, Knight, Bernard, Harper) – 3:29

    "Oh Mother" (Aguilera, Thornton, Rankin, Thornton, DioGuardi) – 3:46

    "F.U.S.S." (Aguilera, Roane, DioGuardi) – 2:21

    "On Our Way" (Aguilera, Thornton, Rankin, Thornton, DioGuardi) – 3:36

    "Without You" (Aguilera, DioGuardi, Ronson, Lewis) – 3:56

    "Still Dirrty" (Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi) – 3:46

    "Here to Stay" (Aguilera, Holley, Reyes, Allen, Jackson) – 3:19

    "Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)" (Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi, Sheyne, Frank, Kipner) – 4:59

    Disc two

    "Enter the Circus" (Aguilera, Perry) – 1:42

    "Welcome" (Aguilera, Perry, Ronson, Paul Ill) – 2:42

    "Candyman" (Aguilera, Perry) – 3:14

    "Nasty Naughty Boy" (Aguilera, Perry) – 4:45

    "I Got Trouble" (Aguilera, Perry) – 3:42

    "Hurt" (Aguilera, Perry, Ronson) – 4:03

    "Mercy on Me" (Aguilera, Perry) – 4:33

    "Save Me from Myself" (Aguilera, Perry, Bottrell) – 3:13

    "The Right Man" (Aguilera, Perry) – 3:51

    "Back to Basics" Bonus Video – 10:07

    DVD (Tour Edition)

    "Ain't No Other Man" (Video)

    "Hurt" (Video)

    "Candyman" (Video)

    "Making Of Candyman"

    Best Buy Exclusive Behind the Scenes released on November 28, 2006[14]

    Back to Basics "Tour Package" special edition released on June 6th in Japan and on June 30th in Australia.

    hope this helps

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