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If you dislike Abercrombie, Hollister, ect...WHY and WHERE do you buy your clothes from?

Now, don't get me wrong because I dislike those stores as well. I've never been to those stores and won't ever set foot there either.

It's funny when I see these people on Yahoo Answers asking how could they STAND OUT or be UNIQUE when they only shop at stores like Abercrombie and Hollister. This had me laughing. The clothes are extremely overpriced and even if they did get them for cheap like around $20 or less, so?? The thought of people walking around with big, brandy names across their chests fill me with disgust. They're just trying too hard and have no ideas that they're just walking mannequins (i.e. Aberclone), not to mention the fact that Abercrombie is racist. Have you seen any of their models being a different race, other than Caucasion?

Just throwing my 2 cents out there. If you can't answer my question, don't answer or bother to comment


As for me, I buy my clothes internationally. Some are handmade and are very authentic, and others are bought here and there when I'm on vacation.

Update 2:

PLEASE don't tell me to shop those stores!! I DO have the money, but I'm not going to waste them on those junk clothes.

Update 3:

Are you sure they have black models? I know someone who shops there and she has never seen any other races, besides Caucasian as models. Other than that, how do you explain the fact that they pay people from third world countries to make their clothes for cheap, but sale them for such a high price?

YOU should be the one to do YOUR research before you speak.

Update 4:

Gerri: You claimed you have 5 AP classes, yet you couldn't grasp my question...are you sure you're taking 5 AP classes?

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    I agree. My favorite store is PacSun. Yes, it can be expensive to shop there but, I save my money for it instead of using my money to shop at crappy places like A&F or Hollister. PacSun has cute, unique clothes and their jeans fit me amazing.

    I also love Wet Seal for their cute accessories and graphic tees for great prices. I just recently bought 3 pairs of sunglasses for $10.

    I occassionaly shop at Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Gap and department stores like Macys. I really just shop all over and look for cute things at great prices.

    TO ALL THE PEOPLE ON HERE WHO ANSWERED SAYING THAT YOU LOVE THOSE STORES: She wasn't asking for your opinion. She was asking the people who dislike the stores. So what is your point of answering this question. Everyone know that you aren't going to get the best answer. Gah.

  • I completely agree that Abercrombie and Hollister and other "prep stores", as my buddies and i call them, are way too over priced. I like to shop at Wal-Mart, Goodwill, and any unique little thrift store I can find. I say make your own statement and be unique by buying clothes that fit your personal style. If you don't prefer the mall type stores then try a thrift store. In most small boutiques or second-hand stores you'll find great clothes and at a cheap price too!! : )

    Source(s): My brain and personal views.
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    I buy from abercrombie and hollister because they fit me well and that they are good quality. Some people don't necessarily buy from those stores to be "aberclones," they just like their styles.

    Most of the time, I don't buy the clothes with "Abercrombie" emblazoned on the chest, I just get the ones with a small moose somewhere.

    I think your opinion is very well shared, but if you actually set foot in abercrombie or hollister, you might find that not all of their clothes are overpriced, such as the ones on clearance. But otherwise, yes most of their clothes are expensive, but also very cute.

    If your mind is set on not going in one of those stores, i recommend delia's (very cute tees) or forever 21.

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    you can probably tell by my avatar that 'm not an Abercrombie sort of person..

    i totally agree with you about the models thing.they pretty much all seem to be thin and blonde.have they ever thought of using someone who is a,say, size 12 or 14 to model their clothes? they don't promote a very good body image.

    anyway,about the question:

    i buy my clothes from anywhere i see something nice i guess :p but the main shops i go to are ones that sell fashionable clothes,usually not too expensive 'cause i don't see the point of spending £80 on something i'm eventually going to grow out of.some of my favourite shops for clothes are Dorothy Perkins, New Look and Primark..Primark especially,it's really cheap but still makes some nice clothes (i don't know whether you have these stores in america,if that's where you live).


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    I agree that these stores are very overpriced. But sometimes during their winter sale or when they have good deals its alright to buy a couple things. I shop a lot at old navy, i want to start shopping at pacsun too ive gotten shoes from there though. I go to zumiez, old navy, marshalls (they have pretty good prices) and sometimes hot topic. Abercrombie and Hollister are definitely overrated but I still like some of their clothes.

    Source(s): Everyone at my school literally only wears A&F and Hollister :/
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    The stores aren't really that bad. The only times i go there are for clearence because they're wayy overpriced. I agree with you though it's reatrded that people walk around like billboards for these stores and think they look oringinal and stylish. Usually i'll only buy things with small logos or none at all. To answer you question I shop at old navy, walmart(not a whole lot though =]) zumeiz, sears, jcpenny. I honestly don't care where i get my clothes from. I just don't want to be a walking billboard or pay too much.

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    I dislike those stores as much as you do, mainly do to the fact their clothes are made in 3rd world countries but are overpriced, are not designer at all, cheaply made, some stores REQUIRE you to post a picture to apply for a job(much like some Asian countries but its common there) and I hate the "toned down preppy american look" which is labeled as preppy but really isn't.

    Not to mention how last time I went to Korea a Hollister was on a 80% rack priced at 5 dollars(was authentic) and not a single person bought it(all sizes and colors).

    As for myself I shop internationally whenever I find a good deal either online or when I go out of country (or relatives bring me old or new clothing), Macy's when we have good discounts and the things I like are no more then 10 dollars, Ross (for those hard to find looking items), and I print screen my own designs on tee shirts just for kicks.

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    Well acctually they are not racist, (anymore). I think that they are trying to change the image of what they USED to be and what some people who dislike that store. There are other races of models in A&F. I know because I really like that store and I go there a lot.

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    I very much dislike those stores. I never can get anyone to help me. It's like being rude is a requirement to work there.

    I love to go to independent boutiques and avoid chain stores most of the time. It makes my style much more original. I then mix interesting pieces with vintage pieces from our local stores.

    I also get basics from chain stores but try not to go overboard.

    I think between getting expensive well-made pieces from boutiques with cheaper pieces from thrift and chain stores I make a nice balance in my budget. I am a sucker for Banana Republic skirts however.

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    I think in the past decade or so, our society has become more shallow as a whole. It is not just the rich that wear name brands any longer. It's the whole spectrum of the of the class system. Quite frankly, it's a very shallow way of existing by only wanting to wear name brands and making sure the whole world knows it by wearing advertisements on your clothes. I think it's quite tacky. Especially if you don't come from affluence. I know alot of people who are not rich but still only wear name brands. It's people trying to portray themselves as something they are not. And I agree with you that the people that wear these clothes are walking mannequins. They are often times weak minded followers. (whether they realize it or not)

    Oh, and I buy clothes from Target, Ross, Wal-Mart, thrift stores, anything on sale at department stores and anywhere that has cute clothes at reasonable prices.

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