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Remember paper flowers that "bloomed" in water from a clam shell? Know what they're called, where to find?

It was shortly after WW II, and I think they were a Japanese import. We used to put them in goldfish bowls (not with the tish) and they lasted a long time. Are they still around and where can I find them?

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    Yes, I remember them, they were called "Clamshell Water Flowers", the small ones came in Cracker Jacks the big ones from a 5&10 cent store (now they call them Dollar Stores). I also found a guy selling them on eBay for $25 at RScott

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    I used to love those as a little girl.My grandmother used to buy them for me when I was small early 1960s at the five and dime store. i haven't seen them since then. I don't recall what they where called.I often think of them and wish I could find them

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