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what to expect for braces?

im getting braces soon and im very scared what do i expect ? will it hurt ? what happens ? how do they do it ? will i look funny in them like will they make my mouth look big ?

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    honestly, braces do hurt, but its not an unbearable pain. take some tylenol before and after you go.

    when you get there, you may have a dental dam placed in your mouth to help you keep your mouth open and dry.

    then the worst part,...having the anchors fitted, it doesnt hurt but they put them on and take them off a lot. finally they "bond" them or cement them on. then they cement the brackets,put the wire on and the bands. the whole process should not take more than an hour...

    you will look a little different, but its not enough to worry about.

    your mouth will not look big, but after a few months it will feel bigger

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    ive had braces and the first week is the worst after that you'll be fine. they do not hurt going on, but after they are on your mouth will hurt. It is a given, so you may want some tylenol ready. For a few days after you get them your mouth will be sore and sensitive to hot or cold foods so you'll want soft things, and nothing really hot or cold. the pain and sensitivity WIll go the braces may give the insides of your lips and cheeks little cuts, that will stop after your mouth gets used to the braces. it will not make your mouth look big and after the soreness wears off their pretty much just a pain to brush. They really arent that bad and when you get them off its worth it. but a tip: stick an extra tooth brush in your bag so you can brush out the stuck food after lunch.

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    Dont Be worried!

    i have had them for 3 years!

    at first it is uncomfertable and it feels like you teeth are being moved constantly!(they are!)

    and Be shure to have Ibeprofen for a few days after you get them on (for eating and such)

    you may talk funny the day you get them on(atleast i did!)

    they dont hurt as much as pepole say!

    braces dont make you loo funny!

    they bring out your mouth more (in a good way)

    Theres nothing to worrie about!

    Added tip

    Chewing gum:i Popped off one of my bracets doing that! so be carfull

    Popcorn:had noo problms!

    Laffy taffy Now and Laters ect:dont chew on them its a DISATER!

    it will be a fun thing having them

    picking the colers evry month

    but the best part is picking you retainer!

    mine looks like a watermellon!:)

    when they take inpreshens on your teeth DONT pull the tray out! nomadder what!

    i did and i hade that Stuff stuck in my mouth and throte EWWIE!

    hope you like your Braces!


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    aw man. braces. i JUST got mine today. and for a day or few they will bother you:P it will feel a little awkward. but. i guess you have to deal with it. it will also hurt when they tigten them. just make sure to not eat anything sticky[but of corse everybody does. lol] and you have to brush extra well. trust me it's not that fun. the only fun part is when you take them off and see how straight your teeth are:D haha. yeah but hey! good luck! oh and by the way i don't think they'll make your mouth look big. my mouth is pretty small and it doesn't look that bad. well GOOD LUCK!:D

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    It's totally not as bad as u think it might be. Believe me, I've had mine on close to a year, and I was terrified at first, but after a week I was already used to them. It only hurts just a little after u get them tightened, but Tylenol takes care of it. The first week that u have them on, just eat softer things.

    Believe me, I know you've heard this a thousand times, but it's worth it in the end.

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    its easy..ive had my braces for almost a year..........all u do is lay down for a long time with a little thing that keeps ur mouth open....nd then they just glue some little metal squares onto ur teeth.....i actually slept while i got my braces on .... nd they dint care......i just kinda went to sleep nd they woke me up when i had to rinse my mouth out.....

    the only time it hurts is for the first three days after each monthly advice is to get the new rubber bands on ur braces and then go straight to lunch or supper.....or u'll be in serious pain

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    braces dont hurt getting them on it hurts alittle when the rub against your cheeks ant the will hurt when your teeth begin to shift (stick with mac and cheese and mash potatoes for a lil) then your teeth will feel fine getting them tightened wont hurt so much and but the first shift is the worst after that ull be fine

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    dont be scared.. i got mine on a year and a half ago and im getting them off monday!!!wohhoooo...

    it will hurt at first but try to sleep a lot so you wont feel it and take ibuprofen and use wax were its irritating..

    and at first when they handed me the mirror to see myself i wanted to cry because i thought they looked HORRIBLE!! but when i went home and whent to school everyone said i looked cute in them..

    they dont make my mouth look big.. if anything they give me jessica alba lips hahahah

    when they put them on they scrape your teeth to give the brackets traction..then the put glue down and glue the bracket into place.. nothing hurt me until a couple hours later.. but if your really worried tell your orthodontist and they'll explain it to you and maybe take it easy.. thats what mine did.

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    Oh wow. I wish I could give you a hug. I know that feeling. Hm....where do I start? Well, first you will more than likely get spacers. These are blue doughnut shaped rubber bands that go inbetween each molar I believe. These are normally kept in the mouth for one week. However, I've heard of cases where it's been two. This can be kind of painful. The keyword here being kind of. Before you go in to the ortho, you might want to eat a large amount of food that you like. I didn't eat normally for the next 2 to 3 weeks. The same spacer came out twice within hours of being put in twice. If this happens you to, it's more than likely because there is already enough space for a band to comfortably fit around the tooth. Eating soft, mushy foods is strongly suggested (Not like you willl have a choice=P).

    Now for the braces. You have to trust me when I say, everything should go well. Consultation one: signing papers and getting molds of your mouth. Just to let you know beforehand, this will make you gag. Breath through your nose and you will be fine. Consultation two: signing financial papers and discussion. This is the time to ask questions and the doctor will go over any problems they may have have. Consultation three: placing spacers in mouth. Consultation four: braces!

    This is just how my personal orthodontists set it up. Everyone's is probably different.

    I'm going to try to remember this procedure as best I can. My teeth were first thoroughly cleaned. A little tip: brush and floss well before going in, this will greatly impress the assistant and doctor. ;) You will get wings put on your lips to hold them back. Also, there will be something that goes in your mouth to keep your tongue back. Do not push this forward. The assistant put some paint like stuff on each individual tooth. This was let to air dry and another coat was put on. Then the cement was applied to each tooth. This had to be rinsed off with water. Many people hate the strong taste of this. I personally thought it taste like sour apple candy and enjoy every second of it. My orthodontist came in and sat down next to me. The assistant would get a bracket and put a tiny bit of glue on it. The bracket was then passed to the ortho and he/she would expertly place it on your tooth according to how it needed to move. After this process, I was given glasses and an ultra-violet light was shone on each tooth to help bond it. If I'm remembering correctly, the bands were next. This was painful for me. Bands are like metal rings that fit around your teeth. You have two of each on the bottom and on top totaling four. They are forced around the teeth which is the part that causes pain. These have wings that are pushed down so that they don't irritate your tongue. Next, I chose my colors. I picked alternating light blue and dark blue. These go on the brackets. I remember something being clipped off each of these. The sound of it was unbarable but I didn't feel a thing. Lastly, your wire is weaved through the brackets and whatnot. The ends have to be trimmed so they don't cut you. And viola! You are done! Check out your new smile!

    Life with braces:

    Okay, I'm getting tired of typing, so I'm going to try and make this quick. You will be given a list of the foods you can't eat. Brush at least twice a day. You should be instructed on how to properly do this. Floss at night. Let me just tell you, if you don't floss daily, when your braces come off, your gums will be extremely puffy and nasty looking. You will be on a soft food diet for a week at the most. As far as pain, once again, I can't tell you how bad it will be. I didn't really experience much pain when it came to braces. I had some slight discomfort and that was pretty much it. Take some ibuprofen to help this. You can expect to have sore on the inside of your mouth if not bleeding. Wax can be put on whatever is poking you to help it glide easier. Uh....Oh. This is my third week of braces and about three of my teeth have the sensation of being loose. This is absolutely normal. If you are worried about it, call your orthodontist. Your teeth will also be loose after they get tightened. I'm sorry, I can't really think of much more to say. You should get a retainer after your braces come off. My ortho is different though. He never mentioned a word about retainers and instead that I will definitely be getting a permanent bar on the back of my two front upper teeth and perhaps on the back on four other teeth. This isn't the time and place to talk about that though. This is about you. Uh..I can't think of anything else. You will learn. It just takes time. Good luck! If you or anyone else ever needs help or anything at all, please contact me at

    All the best of luck,


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