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Anxiety on airplanes?

I am going away next week on an airplane and I am terrified of airplanes. I have been going on them for over 20 years but I never got over my fear of them. I already have myself worried into a frienzy about this flight. Upon takeoff my heart starts to beat so fast and every time the plane gives a shake or something I jump or feel terrified. Is there anything I can do? I have tried everything and I don't know what to do but my mind gets all worked up over this and I am already dreading this flight and wondering about the weather and things like that. Is there any hope for me?

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    Yes there is hope. You wont like this idea but TRUST me it works. I have had two friends who missed trips because they were afriad to fly. And now they are not scared anymore. Here is what you have to do.

    Also the best way to completely get over your fears is go to you local General aviation airport and take flying lessons! Once you fly in a small airplane a few times and learn that airplanes fly and that’s all they do you will be much more confident with flying on commercial planes. You will learn a lot with a few flying lessons. I could even teach you a lot by just showing you my Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flying is a great experience, once you get used to it and learn what makes airplanes fly etc.. your fears go away trust me, I used to be a little bit scared to fly too. Now I LOVE it.

    Also for a quick calm reminder

    Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11 million. On the other hand, your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000. Statistically, you are at far greater risk driving to the airport than getting on an airplane. However, the perception is that you have more control over your fate when you are in your car than as a passenger traveling on an airplane. Experience shows otherwise, considering that over 50,000 people are killed on the highways every year. Media coverage would suggest that airline crashes happen every day. Studies have shown one would have to fly once a day every day for over 15,000 years in order to statistically be involved in an aircraft accident"

    Flying is very very safe. Don’t worry about terrorists that is the least likely thing to go wrong on a commercial flight in the US these days. Flying in the United States is very safe, there has not been a major airline crash in the US since November of 2001! That is a long time for no major crashes and only on fatality in the last seven years for the Major Airlines in the US.

    Even when there is a problem on an airplane, if an engine fails on takeoff or an engine fire etc.. 99% of the time the plane lands safely. Planes these days are amazing piece of technology and the pilots are trained better than ever. If you not afraid to drive in a car you should not be afraid to fly in a plane.

    Just sit back relax and try to enjoy the flight. Its one of the safest things you can do much safer than driving a car, walking down the street, or even sleeping in your house. More people have died on North American highways in the year 2006 than the amount of people who have died in powered flight aviation whole 104 year history!

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    I think this is called agoraphobia. This is when a person builds up anxiety because they think there is no escape, so they try to avoid the anxiety-causing situation to avoid these feelings. What makes you so terrified of airplanes? Try doing some relaxation techniques during your flight. Good luck...I think airplane rides are the funnest part of a trip.

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    plane rides are actually much safer than riding by car. once you are up in the air, you don't feel a thing.

    on the takeoffs, just close your eyes, take deep breaths slowly and relax as best as you can. if you feel yourself getting tense, press your feet against the floor as hard as you can. it helps.

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    dont worry its not so bad, and notings gonna happen. its going to be bumpy but nothing 2 be afraid of.

    i like bringing blankets :) it keeps me warm on cold planes.

    also, bring a book or something to read, it keeps your mind off the flight

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    Listen to your MP3! or Read a Book

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    I can't fly. I have to drive. So much for hawaii

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    get put asleep my friends mom does she has to fly all the time for her work

    hope you do okay and good luck!

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