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What are your views about Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung?

The two above people are current and former leaders of North Korea, respectively. The North Koreans worship them as Gods in their country.

Any misdemenor, no matter how small is a death sentence, not only for the offender but his/her whole extended family.

The people starve and die everyday while Kim Jong Il indulges himself in a lavish lifestyle.

Foreign imports are banned while he himself owns 1000's of imported limos, luxuries and prostitutes.

He has created a hate impression of Americans in his country and blames America for a divided Korea while the truth is that America saved the South from the tyranny of the North.

What are your views on this?

Do the North Koreans worship the Kims out of fear of being prosecuted or do they really love them?

Do you think Kim Jong II should suffer the same fate as Saddam Hussian?

Would you call Kim Jong a great leader or a great shame?

Do you think the people will hold the same reverence for him if the Americans dispose him off?

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    Kim Il Sung got away with his little shell game called "Juche" (self-reliance) because the USSR was alive and well. After December 25, 1991 the shell game came to an end. Russia cut off oil supplies and grain supplies.Trouble is that Kim Il Sung had died and his son was stuck with the situation.

    The people of North Korea have lived in a society tucked away from the rest of the world under both Kims. But, we live in an information age and news from the outside is beginning to trickle in. The Tumin River Delta Free Economic Zone (where China, Russia and North Korea share a common border) is a major conduit for that news and as a portal for North Koreans who wish to escape.

    Some day soon, if he doesn't die of natural causes, Kim's generals will stand him up against a wall and shoot him. Even the Army is running out of goods. Those elite guards at Pamunjon get to look thinner every week. The Army only has enough petroleum supply for thirty days of open warfare. Then, like Hitler's Panzers trying to head to Antwerp in the winter of 1944/45, they will run out of gas.

    We could hasten the overthrow of Kim Jung Il and not have to fire a shot. Just round up all of the major appliances and consumer goods we can't sell. Have the Feds buy it for cents on the dollar. Load it onto pallets fitted out with parachutes and drop it onto North Korea with little notes attached that indicate these goods are presents from the outside. Kim will be dead by sundown of the first day!

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    But the Democrat Party loves Kim Jong II and they loved Kim II Sung.

    And they also love Castro.

    The goal of the Democrat Party is to turn the United States into the "North Korea of the West".

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    We should have finished his dad off in 1953

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