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would you tip a waitress who ask you and your gf "is everything okay?" every two minutes?

My gf and I had lunch at ruby tuesday the other day, and this waitress kept asking us "is everything okay?" all throughout our meal. I didn't really mind, but my gf was annoyed. She didn't want to leave her a tip. I didn't want to start an argument with my gf, so we didn't leave her a tip. I feel bad though. She was real nice.

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    I have had that happen to me.... I usually told the waitress that "I just wanted some time to eat, and not be bothered, that if I needed anything, I'd let her know".

    and, no, I would not have left a tip, because she was annoying to you and the gf, and you came there to eat, not carry on a conversation with the waitress.

    I would also think twice, before going back there.

    For some reason, the pesky waitresses think they have to keep bringing stuff to the table, in order to get a tip..... not so, with me. I have noticed that they wait until you get some food in your mouth, and they ask you, "Do you want some more water.??" Ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..!!!!

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    The waitress was probably new at her job. It would have been nice to leave a tip. I think your gf should have spoken up and said why she didn't want to leave a tip. At least the waitress would know what the problem was. If you paid for the meal it was your choice whether or not to leave a tip. Your gf sound like a real mean and picky person. Bossy too. Thank goodness she's JUST your gf. Know what I mean?

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    Some suggestions: Isolate her when she misbehaves or starts with a tantrum. As one poster suggested, "plonk her in her playpen" and ignore her until she subsides. Just do it, without any scolding or spanking. Don't call it "time out" or make it seem like punishment. It's simply an impersonal consequence. The psychological principle here is called "extinguishing", which means basically that if she's not seeing any desired results from her behavior, she'll start realizing it's not getting her anywhere. You'll be amazed at first at how long she can keep up the hollering, but as time goes on it will taper off earlier and earlier. Be sure to come get her when she calms down, and then act as if everything is normal again -- no extra cuddling or "talking to". She may even be exhausted enough to lie down for a nap. Also, resist the temptation to just let her be, when she's behaving well. It's so easy for a busy young mother to get involved with household matters, and not interact with her toddler until she starts with the "attention-getting devices". Come and play with her often, for short periods of time, so that she will start to feel that sedate, enjoyable behavior will be rewarded by fun times. One thing that really annoys parents is when the kid yells, "NO!" to everything. It's as if it's the first real word she ever learned. Of course she learned it from mommy and daddy. So make a huge effort to erase that word from your own vocabulary when you speak to your child. At her age, she may not realize exactly what it means -- she just knows that it's a powerful utterance that might get your compliance when nothing else will. Parents can get so entranced by the way their child is learning to talk, that they forget that she isn't really operating very verbally just yet. But she'll always respond positively to smiley times. When our girls got to the age of three or four, they still pulled the occasional tantrum. By then, I felt I could say, "Well, go into your room and shut the door, and when you're done yelling and screaming, you can come out again." The idea here was to let her know she could express her feelings, but I didn't want to hear about it until she could be a bit more reasonable.

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    If 'every two minutes' is literally, the tip would suffer. I like attentive waitstaff, but that crosses the line into annoying. There is such a thing as checking too often. People need to enjoy their food and to converse, after all.

    Not a fan of leaving no tip unless the service is utterly terrible. Kept waiting, horrible food, wrong order over and over, cold food, that kind of thing. I'd just be more likely to leave 10% instead of 15 for a thing like that. I'd probably also say something to her, politely.

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    if you had a problem with her you should have told her (politely!). just tell her you'll let her know if you need anything. maybe she was new and was nervous she forgot something. serving is a very hard job and most people don't realize that servers make very little (in some states less than $3 an hour) in their paychecks, and that amount gets taxed and they often don't get a paycheck. also, whether or not you tip, they still have to tip the food runners, hostess, and busboys. she shouldn't have to lose money by waiting on you.

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    That would probably annoy me too, but I would leave a tip. At least she was checking on you guys, even if it was too often. I've had waitresses take our order, bring the food, and bring the check, that was it. Be grateful that she cared enough to make sure everything was O.K.

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    sounds like the waitress was really going for the tip money. If you give her more tip, that would encourage her to be more aggressive with the "is everything okay?".

    I only give huge tips when they deserve it, other then that it's just 15%. and in this case, you should have sided with your girlfriend over a waitress, and left a one penny tip. the waitress would have gotten the message, and stop harrassing the guests so often.

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    I would've still left a tip. She was probably new and wanted to make sure everything was okay?? When that happens to me, I usually say...Uh,.no we're okay or YES we're fine...they will get the hint. Poor waitress lol.

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    As long as the waitress wasn't being too much overbearing. But the customers do need time to eat and relax without talking every two minutes with a full mouth to answer, "Yes everything is still fine..."

    Im sure she was doing her job, but in that case your girlfriend is right. Next time just say, 'Yes and thank you, we just need more time alone.' Im sure they will understand.

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    i mean u should of nicely told the waitress everything is ok u can stop asking!! she probabaly might have had a bad day with her boss or something maybe a couple of tables complained and then her boss got mad at her! u never know!!

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