Comment Je peux apprendre le francais et le parler?

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Je suis Americaine. Je ne parle pas le francais!
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the best website is the first linck to learn french = le meilleur site internet pour apprendre le francais est le premier lien

bonne chance
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  • Raji the Green Witch answered 7 years ago
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  • Shihan answered 7 years ago
    Je nes comprende pas. Oui?

    (Sorry -- I could not even spell check it!!)

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  • auck. answered 7 years ago
    you can mail me. i'm not fluent but i'm trying my best to improve my english.
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  • Maaatyyy! answered 7 years ago
    the only thinks that work it's practice practice pratice, you know what you can do? ask French people (via this forum) some email adress to talk via msn messenger you'll need a headphone and a mic and ask anybody who has an msn messenger ID to be your ''frenchmate'' for at least 6 months 4 hours a week should do's not gonna cost a dime. good luck.
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  • the avenger71 answered 7 years ago
    Hi Rae,

    You got some good answers, that's great. I'll add a few tips myself. Given that you are in NYC, there's couple of websites that organise Francophile meetings every now and then in NY. One of them is called Voila New York. They meet somewhere in Manhattan every couple of weeks. Great fun, you'll meet French people, you'll be able to practise and you'll meet other Americans learning like yourself.
    The Alliance Francaise in New York is a bit expensive but they do have great teachers. You should check it out..
    Another association is called Acceuil New York. I believe there is an American girl there who organizes Franco-American discussion classes. It's cheap from what I remember
    There are many many ways to learn it, but like the others said, conversation is going to be the key. If you want you can email me I'll give you some more details and more tips
    Bonne chance


    I'm French living currently in the US
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  • innoncente_rya answered 7 years ago
    if you want to learn french you have to practic and practic ,take classes ,or laern by your self ,lestin to french music ,watch the frenchs movies or talk whit someone how talk french thas is more better .
    and if you want to you can contact me ;i'm always there ,but you have to nhow that i don't talk verry well in english!
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  • Carlita San answered 7 years ago
    Hello Rae

    Answering to an other question you asked I've told you to mail me. I'll be ok to help you learn french but anyway, try to keep some lessons over NYC to learn the talk too.

    Check out my mail girl !
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  • ♫♪ Saliceto ♪♫ answered 7 years ago
    Tu ne sais peut être pas le parler mais je te félicite de ton message car il ne comporte aucune faute d'orthographe !! Bravo à toi. How did you do ?
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  • Maxfres de Taghmaoui ^^ answered 7 years ago
    en commencant, et en faisant l´effort, comme tu le fais actuellement...
    by starting and making the effort to do so, as you are doing it right now !
    La meilleure solution est de trouver un(e) Français(e), qui te donne des cours par la conversation à NYC
    The best solution would be to meet a French guy or girl to teach you through conversation in NYC...

    C´est ainsi que j´ai appris l´espagnol (through this way, I learnt Spanish)
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  • michel c answered 7 years ago
    déjà voir tu peux l'écrire et donc tu connais les termes du français. bien sur la prononciation est différente mais une solution assez radicale serait de partir dans une région ou on parle le français pour que tu sois obligée de le comprendre et de l'exprimer pour y vivre . c'est difficile au début mais crois moi lorsque tu es dans la langue on n'a pas le choix et on se débrouille.
    il existe des échanges de personnes pour justement etre plongée dans cette facon d'étudier la langue
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