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high school musical perverted?

i was resently watching high school musical with my younger brother and i notice as sharpay was dancing she was wearing white pants and a black g-string so it is not so age apropriete what do you think maybe they didnt mean for that to be in the movie but it need to change!

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    Disney is at it again. They could find a rated R way for a rated G movie. Speaking of G, I dont think thats the only g-string in that movie. High School Musical is a joke. Give contracts to a couple of morons who cant even add but can sing (well according to some people). This reminds me of Miley Cyrus who only got the job because so many pre-teen girls climb all over her father. All of the High School Musical crew will end up like Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears, Anna Nicole, Nicole, Paris Hilton, and the list goes on and on. They did not MEAN to do it?! Thats a good laugh. After forming the letters "SEX" in Lion King, secretly promoting child pornography in Aladdin, putting a penis on the cover of little mermade, and put porn pictures in the background of little rascals they did not MEAN to do it. Oh, I think they did mean to do it.

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    Haha you are one funny kid. I know your not actually a wigger who sits around all day drinking bacardi and picking their boogers really just from how you phrased that question. And yes i think some crazy old man with a shriveled crusty penis and white pubic hairs woke up one morning after masturbating in his bed to the local elementary school yearbook last night and said "Hey how can i make myself more accepted in life", then he donned big sunglasses and a thick scarf, sat his *** in a directors seat, and created High School Musical.

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    Well at least she wasnt wearing white pants and pink bikinnis. Disney doesnt control what underwear the stars wear so it was an accadent.

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    You might be the only person to have noticed that. I certainly didn't.

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    I never noticed that♥

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    wow! i've never watched it but my little brother loves it. hmm they should be careful about that. its supposed to be for kids.

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    Yikes! I never noticed that.

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    I didn't notice.

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