Is it true that if a woman converts to Islam should should seek DIVORCE from her non-Muslim husband?

All Muslim clerics say that if a woman converts to Islam, her marriage to a non-Muslim man would be automatically void and she should seek DIVORCE and she is not allowed to live with him anymore.

Is that true?

Was religion meant to improve our lives or to destroy them?

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    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim - In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    It is true that Islam does not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man, and that in the instance of a woman converting to Islam, her marriage will become invalid after a period of time if her husband chooses not to convert.

    The wisdom of this ruling is that in Islam the man is recognized as the head of household, and under normal circumstances he will most likely have a greater influence on allowing or not allow his wife to practice her religion. Also, he has a great say on how the children will be raised. Rather than risk having the woman pressured to abandon her faith, she is instead given a length of time to talk to him, have others talk to him, and to lovingly encourage him to consider Islam before she is separated from him. The position in Islam is clear: Islam is the truth and it is the clear path to Jannah, and it is more important to avoid having a woman abandon her faith than it is to preserve the marriage. If the husband is guided to Islam through her that is a great blessing. If not, then Allah will give her something better. The short-sighted only see the disruption this situation causes. Those with firm belief in the Hereafter recognize that sometimes upheaval is necessary to allow the woman to practice her religion. That being said, if a woman sincerely converts to Islam and she cannot bring herself to leave her husband due to her love for him, it is still better to be in this situation rather than not to convert to Islam. Perhaps over time she will influence him to convert as well. And Allah knows best.

    Fi Aman Allah,

    Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid

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    Not if her husband does not a have a problem with it. If her husband does have a problem with it and it is hard for her to continue obeying Islam in that house then yes she should seek divorce. But God does not like the word divorce and hates it when two people divide. So as long as her husbands if he is sort of person because not all non Muslim men are. If he is the sort of person who comes home drunk and then want favors, or has pork or whatever. What I am trying to get at here is that as long as she believes that her marriage and religion can get along it is ok.

    God would never separate a couple that have been together for years just because the woman or the man chooses to change the religion.

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    I don't think that is true. The Muslim stories said that Mohammed's daughter was married to a non Muslim, and her marriage was not broken automatically. there is no religious clerics in Islam. Read the Koran and make up your own mind.

    Actually Koran ordered the Muslim woman to marry a pagan if she had sex without marriage.

    The answers here don't say what non-Muslim are we talking about, there is huge difference between pagans and people of the book, Christians and Jews. If the new Muslim woman ever had sex without marriage she shouldn't marry a Muslim, christian or Jew who never had sex without marriage. Any way I agree that it's the people own right to decide for themselves. No one has the right to tell others what to do. the rules about that in Koran came in the shape of advice not a law. the people who say she should leave her husband have no evidence from Koran. Koran talked about the case of non married people that they should not marry pagans.

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    If you think rationally the men marrying the Malay woman isn't a Muslim at first, consequently he's not even aware of the true teaching of Islam, in his head he only wants to marry the Malay women, so why should Islam get the blame on this? If we reverse the situation and say that a Muslim man wants to marry a Christian lady and thus have to convert to Christian, do we blame the religion or the man as he doesn't make a reasonable decision? @Immortal: Ever heard of Cat Stevens or Malcolm X? Oh don't be so naive, believe me white men do promote Islam, but the media wouldn't cover it in the slightest of means. They only care of spreading Islamophobia. FYI I have a lot of Christian friend, mostly from Sabah and Sarawak, sometimes there will be one or two (usually during Ramadhan) that wants to convert to Islam, and if their family refuse to acknowledge their new religion they will have to run here (Semenanjung) to escape or otherwise they will be killed. I've personally known someone who was BEHEADED by his FATHER after he become a Muslim. Of course I know that fellow Christian doesn't teach these. The case wasn't exposed to the media because the area was so rural and the rumah panjang family covered it all. Its not about the religion, sometimes the tribal people from Sabah and Sarawak (from pedalaman area of course) does these things that is mind boggling to us city dwellers.

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  • From my limited understanding... it's not obligatory for a woman to seek divorce from her Non-Muslim husband. Providing that he is allowing her to practice the religion openly. The evidence for this is that it was the practice of the early converts to Islam (to stay with their Non-Muslim husbands.) Allah knows best!

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    To be honest, Umm Abdel Hamid said it all. The Muslim woman should talk to her non-Muslim husband and ask him to consider converting to Islam. If this doesn't work out, then divorce should be sought.


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    Unfortunately she has to seek divorce cos she believes in the One God and Mohammad is the last and final Messenger, if he does not then she is committing adultery.

    But if he believes in God I think there is room to save the marriage.

    This is a question for qualified Mufti's and a question like this should not be posted on Yahoo answers, cos less qualified people can answer and give stupid answers that can beguile individuals, are you prepared to take on the sins of others cos they are acting on answers from yahoo.

    We Moslems, Christians and Jews should be careful on how we conduct our lives and lead people on. We shall be judged by God on what we type

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    yes, it has basis, and that's what couples in areas where there is no divorce law apply for convenience. But if only for difference in religion, nah, not recommended. Religion is indeed meant to improve lives and not to destroy them.

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    she should seek a divorce from him, becuase a muslim woman can not be married to a non-muslim man. becuase a marriage b/w a mulsim woman and non-muslim man is invalid, so she can't stay married to him. i think religion is meant to guide us on the right path through life.

    Source(s): i am muslim
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    Islam is all about Muslims, hell and heaven, She may have to opt for divorce if not she is heading to widowhood, someone would kill her husband. And since she has accepted Islam she has accepted all its teachings, so she will feel guilty sleeping with the non muslim, and the children born after her conversion will still be treated as non muslims. The whole focus changes to the non islamic sperm.

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