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How do I become a PeopleSoft consultant?!?

I spoke to someone in a waiting rm recently in a HUGE hospital who’d worked for PeopleSoft as a consultant a few yrs ago. I was SO excited because I’ve always wanted to learn more & do the same. We lost each other and, though I searched, I wasn’t able to find her. So here I am.

Does anyone know how I can get trained in PeopleSoft in order to become a consultant?

I have worked as HR manager for 9 yrs for a sm co in NYC and have had limited but positive experience with PS software. I want to learn more & I have a hunger to train others (which I am good at) on it, eventually learning to be involved in implementation.

This is a dream I have had for too long. And here’s one of the big problems when I reach out about it: I get a MILLION phone calls/emails trying to sell me on v. expensive indie schooling. And when you try to reach out to PeopleSoft/Oracle directly…they would rather not be bothered. I’m missing a lg piece of this puzzle. Can anyone advise? Thank you so much.

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    If you have a system with good configuration, you can try to install PS from Oracle Trail Site. For installation instructions, and for Learning Online and how to get started in PeopleSoft you can check the below website. Once you have installed, you can take it from there. you can try to go to PS training in FUnctional HRMS area. it is easy to learn and easy to install as well. Since you have HR back ground you can connect your experience easily.

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    Here is one excellent blog on PeopleSoft Key concepts

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