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NHL Box Scores?

Is there any way to find old NHL Box Scores without searching Newspaper archives?


I actually am looking for box scores from 1990-1995.

Update 2:

PuckDat, you are a moron!

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    Check out this link:

    It has all the NHL scores dating back to the first season 1917-18. I do some independant research and I am writing a book so sometimes I compare these scores with the New York Times archive. I would say is accurate though I have a found a few mistakes. I was looking mainly at Edmonton Oilers scores between 1982-83 and 1987-88 and they all match up with New York Times archival newspaper clippings.

    If you want to get more accurate than that, I would contact the NHL directly. They hold the official stuff and hold the last word regarding all statistics and scores. I remember one year the NHL head office used video footage of a game to confirm if Blackhawk Stan Mikita had indeed assisted on a goal or not. Mikita claimed he was robbed of an assist which would have given him the record for most points in a season. The referee didn't credit Mikita with the assist. This was done to verify if Mikita had broken Bobby Hull's previous record of 97 points in one season (1965-66). This verification was done at the very end of the 1966-67 season. The NHL confirmed Mikita was part of a scoring play but didn't touch the puck so he didn't get an assist and finished the season stuck on 97 points.

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    There will always be gliches, caused by human error. The people who do all the info for box scores use a simple program that gets them to put in the jersey number of the player who got the assist. It is very easy to accidently put in the worng number, and end up with a player not even on the game roster credited with a point. This usually ends up being fixed. As for using TSN instead of yahoo as by Andrew V suggested, it isn't a good idea if you want to keep track of the game while it is happening. Yahoo is updated much faster (you get the stats almost in real time). TSN isn't bad, especially if you want to check the stats AFTER the game.

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    Duda you answer is wrong, for the dates, you can only go back to 2005.

    But to answer this question, unless anbody actually finds out, im not sure you can get box scores from back then, sorry man.

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    1Go to

    2go to scores

    3cycle to the date you want

    4click the game you want

    5then click on "Box Score"

    Source(s): If I wasnt clear or you cant find it...just edit yer question and say so
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    LOL Camptown ladies sing this song Duda, Duda. LOL

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