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wut is a big breed of dogs that can herd, be a good watch dog, and guard livestock and my property?

It cant be a austrailian shepard or border collie because they arent big enough to guard livestock from coyotes.

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    Great Pyrenese, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Beauceron, Bouvier Des Flandres, German Shepherd Dog, Komondor, Rottweiler.

    All are working dogs that are capable of herding and fit your requirement for a big dog.

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    A Great Pyranees is an excellent choice for these activities. I am considering moving to Arizona and keeping livestock and I researched the breed for the exact same reasons. Large, gentle with children, safe with livestock, will chase off any coyote. Good guard dog for the house, too. Will bark at strangers but rarely bite. Cons to this breed: Long coat (make sure they're groomed and don't get overheated) Expensive. Eats a lot. Needs a lot of exercise.


    Good Luck!

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    Darn I was going to mention those two.....

    German shepards are very protective but not sure about the cattle guarding. Actually austrailian shepards I would think would be good at chasing coyotes. Coyotes aren't really that big and scare easily. There extremely smart too, along with border collies.

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    What does animal aggression - something MANY breeds possess have to do with being safe around the family? Not to mention not every single APBT had even what I would call a moderate animal drive. Some of the most well known fighting dogs in their day were trusted with their owner's children. Do hunting dogs ever lose the desire to hunt, or sniff out prey?- Sure when you breed dogs who have little to no drive to being with. Do guard dogs ever lose that desire to protect? - Consistent and reliable protection also requires training. I've also met several GSDs Rotts and Dobes who would leave their owner high and dry when push came to shove "Certain animals require a different style of training aimed specifically at that breed, don't they?" Nope. While breed should be taken into consideration at the end of the day, specifics in training are individual to each individual dog.

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    Try a German Shepherd they are in the herding group of the AKC plus they love to work. We had 2 trained to herd horses and they are very good protectors . If you want really big go with a Great Pyrenees but you will loose some speed and possibly intelligence.

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    Bouvier, Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Kuvasz, Beauceron, Komondor...?


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    Great Pyrenees - requires coat care; large size; sweet, gentle, docile.

    Anatolian Shepherd - alert, calm, instictively protective, natural guard dog; large size.

    Australian Cattle Dog - medium size; always alert, extremely intelligent, watchful, courageous and trustworthy, with an implicit devotion to duty given to it.

    Bouvier des Flandres - rough, thick coat protects it from the elements when out in the field with livestock; naturally protective and highly trainable; agile, spirited and bold, yet his serene, well behaved disposition denotes his steady, resolute and fearless character.

  • I have a austrailian shepard myself, he is one of 3 dogs, and he is the best guard dog. We even took him out to my father-in laws farm and I was amazed at how he helped heard the cattle into the barn, and he never did that before. They are fast learners.

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    I was thinking Great Pyranese as well.

    My dad had two when he moved out to a farm and they took care of the emus, chickens, and goats. Those two beasts weren't afraid of anything - but very nice and friendly to people that they were introduced to. If you came on the property without an introduction they weren't so nice.

    Never had an animal casualty with those two around!

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    a Great Pyrenees is an EXCELLENT choice !!!....this breed are sheepdogs, and were used to guard the sheep against WOLVES & BEARS !!!....they will defend livestock and their humans with their lives, if necessary !!....they are NOT big eaters, as mentioned by a previous answerer, compared to other large breeds like st.bernards, because they have a slow metabolism, and eat more than a small dog, yet will not eat you out of house and home !! they are GREAT DOGS, excellent guard dogs, wonderfull companions, and terrific with small children, big yet GENTLE...they are GENTLE GIANTS, yet WONDERFULL watch & guard dogs, great companions and family dogs also !!! they are GREAT flock protectors as sheep dogs and goat dogs, yet herding is not their strong point ......RESEARCH the breed, and i believe you will find that it meets most of your objectives, except the herding part !!....if i can answer any questions about Great Pyrenees, email me !! good luck to y'all !! check for a GREAT selection of Great Pyrenees dogs...i recently adopted a Great Pyrenees mix from, and my dog Sylvester is awsome !!!

    Source(s): My first dog EVER, was an AKC female Great Pyrenees, and i now own a Great Pyrenees MIX rescue dog, and my step-son has rescued a Giant Great Pyrenees dog, with my help and assistance....we love Pyrs, as they are called !!....I have rescued and adopted three dogs, and all three of my rescue dogs have been GREAT !!!
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