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WHy are people so madd about the Proctor-Betemit trade?

think about it

Betemit is a solid utility play, hitting over .300 as a pinch hitter this season. he has better numbers this year than the other yankee utility player, Miguel Cairo

Proctor has been overworked alott, and he will fit in nicely as the setup man for Takashi Saito. he will pitch less and be more effective. in NY he was being overworked because the rest of the bullpen is struggling

so i think both sides benefit from this and that the Cashman is not an idiot (this time)


luke you are right. i reallly hope they dont think he can fill ARod's shoes. hopefully he is just a quick fix as a Utility IF and thats it

Update 2:

to battle the "the need middle relief help" snaps

a) karstens is coming back

b) doesnt it seem like they wouldnt trade away proctor if they didnt have someone else lined up (like idk maybe gagne or dotel)????

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    As a Dodger fan I didn't want to see Betemit go, but as you said, I think the trade was pretty even.

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    I was mad last year when the Padres didn't go after Betemit from Atlanta and he ended up in (ugh) L.A. Instead, San Diego picked up Kevin Kouzmanof, who is the everyday starter at third. I was surprised to learn that Betemit was only a utility player. And, I'm glad now that San Diego didn't pull the trigger on that deal.

    Since the Dodgers spent a lot for Betemit and now find him expendable, I'm glad that the trade is happening. But, I thought the Yankees were weak on pitching and am surprised they would give up a pitcher for a utility player. I also wonder how Betemit will hold up to the New York media. It can be the kiss of death for some players.

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    If Proctor has been overworked and now the Yanks traded him away, how does this help the Yankees' already overworked bullpen?

    It doesn't.

    Betemit may be a solid utility player but they don't need a solid utility player. They need a solid first baseman, a consistent right fielder (lets get it together, Abreu!) and middle relief.

    This trade does nothing to help the Yankees and hurts their bullpen.

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    I'm mad because i know he was not the best reliever in the world but yeah the Yankees need bullpen help and they trade a bullpen guy for a utility man unless he can pitch or something i will be happy but until then I'm not

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    Although I like Betemit because of his batting average, the Dodgers are struggling more pitching-wise. Hate to see Betemit go. I don't know anything about Proctor. Maybe he could be s starter and replace either Hendrickson or Tomko.

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    Cashman knows that what the Yankees need to get into the playoffs this year is a solid pinch-hitter. He's brilliant. And all he had to do is trade our second best releif pitcher. This will go down as one of the most brilliant moves by a GM ever.

    Maybe Torre could start Betimit at 3rd and we can use A-Rod as the best pinch-hitter ever.

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    Well with that said then the Yanks need more pitching instead of another bat. If this new hitter can do the job then I can't say nothing then. So it's okay trade then.

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    Itll help em...but where are they gonna put him?

    Is he gonna replace Cano at 2nd?

    Is he gonna replace A-Rod at 3rd?

    Is he gonna replace whoever is playing 1st?

  • I agree with you. Although if they think he can replace A-Rod as a starter next year if he leaves, they are sadly mistaken.

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    i'm a huge yankee fan and proctor wasn't overworked he just SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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