oil painting?

How can you make oil paint to dry faster on canvas?

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    Sorry to be repetetive, but here's the answer to a similar question:

    Once you've started painting, you can't really speed things up. Oil paints dry by oxidation, meaning oxygen must reach all the paint, including the bottom-most layers, for it to cure. A fan may help, or moving the piece to a dryer atmosphere, but using heat is not recommended since it will dry the top layer too fast & cause the paint to crack. Any product used on top of uncured oils, other than Retouch Varnish, will cause big problems later on.

    If you haven't begun, you can use a fast-drying alkyd resin medium such as Liquin or Galkyd with your paint and that will help the paint dry in as little as 6 hours. But using this on top of still-wet paint will lead to cracking too.

    Good luck with it!

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    Before painting, add one of the quick dry mediums (sometimes called "Alkyd") for oil paints, available where you buy your paint, into the paint itself. Those mediums usually cause the paint to dry within two or three days.

    If you have already painted an artwork and have to force it to dry faster, use a spray pastels (pastels like the colored chalk) fixative. The chemicals in the fixative make the paint dry much faster. However, it can cause some oil paints to get chalky, so much so they can rub off the canvas. If this chalkiness happens, make sure the painting is completely dry, then use a spray damar varnish, regular or retouch, and that will seal the paint.

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    Use a drier such as Japan drier. You can get this in most art supply stores. Word of caution: Using driers in oil paint is risky! Make sure you understand the method, amount and the long-term effects of using driers, because if done improperly, your painting will crack over time. This is where the science and academics of oil painting comes into play! I know many college art programs are not teaching this stuff these days, but oil paints are slow-drying for a reason. When you accelerate the process (chemically), you diminish the potential longevity of your painting.

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    If I remember correctly from my college painting class, a fan could probably speed up the process, but not much. Oils are meant to dry slowly, if you want a fast-drying paint, try acrylics. Good luck!

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    Ive wrecked the back of my car gettin my paintings to uni cozza the stuff! but i love to paint with oils, u can buy a medium that drys it quick but its quite expensive, spec if ur painting on a large scale, but i have found that if u mix the wanted colour with clear regular house hold varnish, its drys really quickly-goodbye to hair dryers!!

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    There are some material that could help those oil pigment dry very fast

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    there are many additives called driers that you may use. also poppy oil dries slower than linseed and is found in higher quality paints. one good additive is gamblin's galkyd.

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