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I have been having bad stomach achs and pooping alot, which is dark brown. Why?

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    Dark brown or black and tarry? Solid or loose?

    You could have an upper GI Bleed or simply a stomach bug....go see a Doctor if it doesn't improve soon.

    Do you have a history of acid reflux?

    Are you on Pepcid or similar medicine?

    "Stomach problems" that don't resolve in less than two days can be a sign of something more serious.

    I am a Nurse and have worked a GI floor.

    You are probably better off to have a heart attack than to let a "stomach problem" get bad.

    In short.....see a Doctor, preferably today!

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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like you ate something that didn't agree with you. If that is the case, once you get it out, you should feel better. However, it takes 3 days for something you just ate to leave your system which is probably why you're "pooping" so much - to get to that part.

    If you don't feel any better, try a dose of Pepto-Bismal which will coat your stomach and calm it down. If this doesn't work, then you need to see your doctor in the event this is really something else going on.

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    You wood haft to go to the docs to see why

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    1 decade ago

    dose it have red brown? that could be blood.

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    You have AIDS and you are going to die

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