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Any vets/doctors in the house??

what could be wrong with my dog? My dogs pupil is clear white instead of black?Shes still able to see with the eye but its just freaking me out .what could it be?

(and dont say to go to the vet...because i know i will need too)


and its only in one eye

Update 2:

my dogs only 4..has it in one eye and it doesnt seem to be painful to her.

Update 3:

its not breeded with a mixed dog either.

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    Pupil - white spots


    This condition causes the pupil of the eye to look white instead of black.

    Alternative Names:



    The the pupil of the human eye is normally black. In flash photographs the pupil may appear red, an effect called "red eye." This is also called the "red reflex" by health care providers, and is entirely normal.

    On occasion, the pupil of the eye may appear white. This is never a normal condition and requires immediate evaluation by trained specialists (ophthalmologists, "eye doctors," not optometrists who generally prescribe lenses or glasses).

    There are many different causes for white pupil, which are described below. Other conditions can also mimic white pupil. A cloudy cornea (usually, the clear part of the eye) may produce an appearance similar to a white pupil. The causes of a cloudy or white cornea are different from those of a white pupil, but are also significant and require immediate attention.

    CATARACTS may also cause the pupil to appear white.

    Common Causes:


    Congenital cataract - may be hereditary or may result from other conditions, including congenital rubella , galactosemia , retrolental fibroplasia (retinopathy of prematurity)

    Intraocular infections - infections within the eyes)

    Persistent primary hyperplastic vitreous

    Coats' disease - exudative retinopathy

    Alternative Names:


    Home Care:

    If a white pupil is noted, an immediate appointment with your health care provider should be made. Pediatricians routinely screen for the appearance of a white pupil in children. If a child develops a white pupil or cloudy cornea, immediate attention is required, preferably from an ophthalmologist.

    Call your health care provider if:

    Contact your health care provider if you notice any color changes in the pupil or cornea of the eye.

    What to expect at your health care provider's office:

    The health care provider will perform a physical exam and ask questions, such as:

    When did you first notice this?

    Are both eyes affected?

    Is there any change in the vision, including a decrease in vision, blurred vision , or others?

    What other symptoms are also present?

    Is there a family history of disease such as congenital cataracts or retinoblastoma?

    Are the eyes crossing?

    Any recent eye surgery?

    The physical examination will include a detailed eye examination.

    The following tests may be performed:

    Slit-lamp exam

    Standard eye exam

    Visual acuity


    Other tests depending on the suspected cause, including a head CT or MRI

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    I agree with the others. She may have swallowed string or something else and needs an exam, and maybe an xray. Most vets have payment plans and will work with responsible pet owners. If she has a blockage, that is an agonizingly painful death, so you must do something. PS a blockage doesn't mean she needs surgery (cut open). I know human surgeons can fish things out with some kind of grabbing device they run up the intestines or down the throat, while they are doing some kindn of imaging to see what they are doing, so I'm sure vets have that too.

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    As dogs age, ususally over age 7 or so, something called Nuclear Sclerosis occurs. This causes the eye to look white or grayish. However, it usually happens to both eyes. Since this is only in one eye and if it is a young dog I would think it is something else that needs to be checked out. Does it seem to be painful?

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    There is a whole range of genetic eye disorders, some of which cause a cloudy or white appearance. Like cataracts or pannus. Many of these are breed specific, meaning they are common in particular breeds.

    I found a link which has a list of these disorders, along with the symptoms and treatment of each.


    Good luck to you both.

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    It could be several things. Leukocoria, cataracts, or a build up of fluid inside the eye.

    At any rate the dog needs to see a vet. Good luck to you!

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    Sounds like a cataract. There IS surgery available. Go to an animal eye clinic instead of a regular vet. My shih tzu wasn't a candidate for the surgery. She's 17 and totally blind from the cataracts. It was gradual enough that it doesn't seem to bother her. Good luck with your girl!

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    Sounds like nuclear sclerosis if he can still see, if he can't then it is cataracts. Check out www.veterinarypartner.com and search nuclear sclerosis, they have good articles.

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    yeah... to the vet with you.

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    Go to the vet :)))))))

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