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overclocking dell 4600?

overclocking dell 4600 is this possable ?

also what software?


dell dem 4600i, p4, 4 ghz,

fsb make: ics ,

fsb no: 952601.

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    BIOS overclocking is not possible on a Dell so in theory your only option would be software overclocking. There are applications that allow overclocking from within the operating system.

    Unfortunately, these programs do not work on most OEM PCs such as Dell, HP etc.

    Clockgen is one of the popular overclocking programs, but software overclocking is very limited since you cannot modify the voltage settings of the CPU and memory, since Dell do not expose these options in their BIOS. Memory timing settings are very important as well. Without voltage and timing settings the max overclock is normally no more than 10% to your CPU speed.

    Other overclocking programs are CPUFSB and CPUBoost.

    Based on my experience, the best way to improve performance on a PC is to upgrade the slowest component in the system. I normally start by upgrading the hard drive to one with higher RPM and a larger cache. If your system is low on RAM (less than 512MB) upgrading to 1GB would make a difference.

    The upgrade that has provided me the biggest improvement in performance was going from a single core CPU to a dual core one. In your case, this is not an option since there are no dual core CPUs made for the type of socket in your Dell.

    Source(s): I have been overclocking all of my PCs for the last 5 years.
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