in task manager what is PF Usage? CPU usage?

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    PF stands for page file.Its the space on your hard drive that the OS uses to put programs which dont run often so that programs which run more often can sit in memory can run.THis is a rough definition.CPU is the processor on your computer.CPU usage tells how much of processing the CPU does and how long it is idle(when tranfering data betwen you hard disk/IO devices and memory)

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    Dear Buddy!

    PF means page file & Cpu means processor. If u want to know about page files then, u should be familiar with RAM & how it works. RAM is basically a memory which contains some memory about ranning programs and recently used programs. Just like if u are working with 2 or 3 applications e.g. u are browsing 3 or 4 sites at one time, u click on the other application to work on that, application is ready for ur work, the memory that u are working on those file are stored in RAM. its not permanent memory. But for temopary use, And the files being used are kept in the manner is called page files. so pf usage, u can calculate usage of RAM. now cpu usage, the graph in that area shows how much work or load is being pressured on ur processor. If it is 100%, then system would be slow, because all the efficiency is being used by cpu.

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    I guess you know what RAM is... PF is Page file.... The space on your hard disk that your computer uses as virtual RAM when it runs out of physical RAM. It is preset to a minimum of 331 MB on your OS drive, that is why your system slows down when the OS drive runs out of space. You can modify the values and set them to what you prefer in the advanced tab of the visual settings and virtual memory section (button) under the advanced tab of the system properties.

    CPU usage is the amount of processor usage that occurs when a file is processed.

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    PF stands for 'Page File'. It's your virtual memory.

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