Why is belly punching such a popular fetish?

I posted this before in Psychology and the results were disastrous. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgWSi...

Is it possible that I can get some mature scientific answers here?

I'm working with a pornstar on a creative project. Not the first time I've had contact with skinflick artistes. But, up until now, they've all been pretty flaky. This woman is a nice, sweet, sharp lady who seems quite sane. She makes videos catering to Belly Punch fetishists, and from the clips I've seen and the correspondence we've had, it's clear that it's not just a job for her. It's her personal kink.

I have personally experienced "Breathtaking Beauty" as a little thing. A moment of longing so intense that the diaphram spasms with the force of a physical blow. Is the fetish an attempt to recapture that experience? Or is it a response to some other drive?

This is someone I respect and I'd like a better handle on where she's coming from.


Before people start climbing all over my case, I'm not asking this here because I think GLBT's are perverts, but because your community, and especially Lesbians strike me as being more mature than most folks about things like this.

Update 2:

Thank you Ashley. It's good to know that there are actually knowledgeable people on Y!A. Ignore the guy in the spandex. He followed me here from Poetry.

Update 3:

I meant "Literal" not "little" thing. It's just that my thing is little. Freudian slip, I reckon.

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    The physical flow-on effect of bellypunching is peptic reflux, which triggers the brain to release a sudden adrenalin rush to cope with the shock of (temporarily) depriving the brain of oxygen.

    This adrenalin rush can be experienced as sexual arousal for those with a fetish complex for feeling *subverted* or *abused*.

    Source(s): Thank you. My ex-boyfriend loved being punched in the belly. We both went to couples therapy and my answer is the result of how the psychologist explained it to me.
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    Belly Punching

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    Jill Lauren Started this many years ago. Her site sell this type of video content. The one site she has ( www.BellyPunishment.com ) has over 11 million hits. She has two other major websites: www.BellyPain.com and www.BellyPunishment.net With over 500 belly punching videos with 200 plus girls. Jill Lauren is known as the "Belly Queen" and runs the net on this fetish category. The answers are all here: http://members.boardhost.com/Jillsbelly/

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    In whose neck of the woods is belly punching such a wonderful experience? I haven't heard of it as a fetish an attempt to recapture that experience?

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    maybe it's was good for belly-body-trimming loll ?.

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    Never heard of it, but I kinda got wood thinking about it.

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