How do I remove skin tags myself?

I've tried clear nail polish, i tried wart remover pads and short of getting a straight razor and cutting it off which is gonna hurt like a mother, what else can I try? I looked up skin tag removal on yahoo and came up with a bunch of products on the internet but I have no way of knowing if any of them work. I can't afford a dermatologist right now.

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    Forget the sting, thread and scissors!!!!

    I put a drop of clove oil on mine each day. After a few days, it turned blood red. A day or two later it fell off.

    There was no infection, no blood, and no scar. You can get clove oil at health food stores.

    Avoid putting it on later in the day, because the aroma will keep you awake. I found out the hard way.

    Good luck and be well.


    Source(s): Health food store manager and author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" and "It's Not Just For Sex."
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    I also have them and have done this before myself. Take a thread and tie it around the tag, pull it really tight. (This cuts of the blood circulation and it dies and eventually falls off) Leave the thread on it until it is dead and dry(yuck I know). It will get really sore the first day or so so cover it with a band aid. If it is really a tiny one it may be too small for this method. Also it will not bleed.

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    This question was asked several days ago, and one of the answers that would fit your situation is to get someone to tie a thread around the base of the tag, to cut off the blood supply. After a few days - maybe a week - the tag should have died and should almost fall off.

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    As with the others, I've heard tie a small thread around the base, choking off the blood supply.

    But I'd call a dermatologist and ask if it's ok. Or even a family Dr. just to be safe.

    Let me know if it works. You can by my guinea pig.

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    The best thing to do is go and see your family physician and they can remove them for you it doesn't hurt.if you do it yourself your at risk at infecting the site and could lead to greater problems than you had bargain me on this i used to help the physician remove skin tags all the time.

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    An old worker told me his method. Tie a thread on one and when you pull cut it off. I was able to do it and they stayed away as much as when the doctor did it for way too much money. As you pull the feeling is gone as the nerve stretches. But it only do one per week as it needs to heal.

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    yeah this does work, just make sure you cut the ends of the cotton case you dont want anything to pull it and rip of your skin tag(that happened to a friend of mine, it was a big one and it wouldnt stop bleeding for ages)

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    I have used scissors (even a small nail scissors works). They bleed terribly, but after the bleeding stops I put neosporin on and keep the area clean. It's probably not the smartest thing to do, but it works...

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