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Do you believe that there's someone made for everyone out there?

I do and here's why, Why Would God put us on this earth if that special someone wasn't there for us? Oh and this is to all the ladies out there, remember one thing there's always one guy in your life that will think your the most beutiful girl on this earth, not to sure if girls think and know the same. Do you all believe this also?

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    This is what I think:

    I think there is one person out there that we fall in love with and that we are lucky enough to be with. And the thing that's so special about this person and that sets them apart from everyone else, is that we are able to grow and change in the same direction together. That is what I believe is the definition of a "soul-mate."

    As of right now, I couldn't imagine anyone else being able to love me and especially, put up with me, like Nick does. And the same goes for I him.

    I do believe that there is a soul-mate for everyone, though. And I really hope I've found mine. And I believe you'll find yours too. Just give it time. :-)

    Edited: And about the thing that there's always one guy out there that will think I'm the most beautiful girl out there, I don't see myself that way, but I know Nick does. And he always makes me feel amazing. Even in a nightgown, socks and sleep in my eyes. So when people say (like I saw someone say) that that's unrealistic, it's not. They just haven't felt it yet.

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    Someone? No way, what a sad way to think. What do you imagine the odds of you and your 'one' ever meeting are, since there are over 6.6 billion people on the planet? You have a higher chance of winning the lottery and getting struck by lightening the same day.

    There are MANY potentially great partners for everyone who wants one. All you need do is meet one of them and go forward together as long as that is good and right for you both. If that runs its course, there are others out there who'd be a great match for you...

    Do I think there is one guy who thinks I'm the most beautiful girl on the earth? That wouldn't be realistic, nor do I need to hear something like that to feel good about me. I'm not the most beautiful woman on earth, and I'm fine with that. I'm decent looking and try to be a fine person. Some like me (and that's groovy) and some don't (and that's fine too). ☺

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    Don't think God predestined us to love a specific person. Because love is about free will. Also what do you have to say to chinese people? where there are way more men than women in the population? Because of all the disgusting sex selective abortions.

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    yes I do

    but I also believe that that was not the only reason we r down here on Earth

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    I don't agree with you, first because I do not believe in God because I been through so much crap and I see others going through a lot more and I don't see signs of God no where.

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    i believe god always make someone special out there, all we have to do to find them.

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    i would very much like to believe this.

    unfortunately its not guaranteed finding that person is it:(

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