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Afi fans? Poll?

- What's your favorite AFI song? Lyric? Any particular reason?

- Are you a member of the DF? Do you want to be?

- How old are you? How long have you listened to AFI for?

- If you could spend a day with any one of the band members, who would it be? Why?

- Which country do you live in?

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    -right now it is RRR37, because it's just so catchy =P

    but i also love Brownie Bottom Sundae

    -no i'm not a member of the DF, but i really really wanna join

    -i'm 16, and i've only been listening to AFI for about a year, but i have almost all of their songs lol

    - probably Jade, because he can teach me how to play AFI songs. and then we can chill in my room and listen to AFI CDs (it's almost like a concert you know lol =P)


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    - "The Devil Loves You" - I don't know why I love this song, but it's been one of my favorites from a long time

    - I don't know what the DF is, or it's membership requirements, but I'm not one for groups..

    - I'm old enough :-) - I've been listening for about 10 years now.. man, thats a long time..

    - I'm going to say Hunter, because no one wants to chill out with the bassist, and he seems cool and laid back

    - USA

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    Miss Murder cause I like singing to that song

    Don't know what DF is and I really don't care

    I'm a teen. I've listened for....I don't know...sorry

    I don't want to spend a day with them because I am too busy with other important matters?


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    After dinner at present with my buddy. I had to chase my cat because of the fact he stole slightly meat and that i finished up tripping and sliding like 4 ft on my hardwood floor. It replaced into so humorous.

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