Marvel vs DC?

Based on the line up I choose who would win

DC- batman, superman, greenlantern wonderwoman, flash, shazam, and supergirl


Marvel-Ironman, Hulk,silver surer, storm, spiderman, thor, and capatian america.

If you would like 2 line up who face who 1 on 1 tht would be awsome, and shows u have time 2 discuss comics. but not jus say which team wins

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    Most of the above characters have already fought in Marvel vs DC, they had to be incapacitated but not killed.

    Batman vs Captain America

    Batman won due to Captain America getting caught in a flash flood, both said they were so evenly matched that it was hard to decided a winner.

    Thor vs Captain Marvel (Shazam)

    Thor won due to forcing Captain Marvel to revert to Billy Batson his alter ego. Thor being in charge of lighting would not allow it to reach Billy to revert back to Captain Marvel

    Silver Surfer vs Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern was Kyle Raynor and lost to the Silver Surfer

    Superman vs the Hulk

    Superman beat the Hulk

    Storm vs Wonder woman

    Storm won by using lighting to attack Wonder Women with.

    I think that Spiderman could beat the Flash but would lose to Supergirl so depends on how they were paired up

    Ironman could defeat the Flash or Supergirl

    With the line up you gave then DC would win.

    The other fights were

    Wolverine vs Lobo - Wolverine Won

    Spiderman vs Superboy - Spiderman won due to his impact Webbing

    Flash vs QuickSilver - Flash Won

    Electra vs Catwomen - Electra won

    Namor vs Aquaman - Aquaman squashed Namor with a whale.

    Robin (Tim Drake) vs Jubilee - Robin Won

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    Marvel Vs Dc Results

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    I would liek to say based on your lists that DC would win, being a life long DC fan. There's just one catch, and it's an obvious one.


    He is, how to put this, immortal and cannot be killed.

    So Marvel straight away have the upper hand.

    As far as strenth and raw power goes he would wipe the floor with all of them.

    "But what about Superman?" You ask.

    Well, think of the two people.


    Thor, GOD of thunder

    No real contest, plus Thor's strength and hammer are both magic based.

    Your use of Batman does pose the question since he could single handedly take out the JLA could he do the same with Marvel's finest?

    He could no doubt deal with Spiderman, Cap, Storm, Ironman and even Surfer but the Hulk would be a problem.

    I agree with the first guy that Hulk wouldn't beat Supes, that said Thor would wipe the floor with all of them.

    Source(s): DC lost because you missed BoBo the Detective Chimp, lol
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    Hmmmm, I think it would probably go a bit like this.....

    Hulk Vs Superman. Hulk smash puny Kansas farmboy.

    Batman Vs Captain America. They'd just roll their eyes and walk away from all the insanity.

    Iron Man Vs Wonder Woman. They'd get nekkid, make lurrve not war.

    Flash Vs Storm. Fast as lightning, struck by lightning, end of story.

    Shazam Vs Thor. Poor Billy Batson would be awe struck at meeting a genuine God, then he'd be hammer struck by Mjolnir.

    Silver Surfer Vs Green Lantern. It depends on which Lantern it is. If it's John Stewart or Hal Jordan, then the Surfer is in trouble. If it's Guy Gardner? Another win for Marvel.

    Spiderman Vs Supergirl? Now that Spidey is a teacher, he'd just tell her to get back to class or face detention.

    So pretty much a Marvel whitewash. LoL.

    Source(s): My own twisted imagination. Marvel rules.
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    Hmmm.... well, just on raw power DC trounces Marvel pretty much any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    But, Marvel does have some powerhouses.

    And to the idiots who still think the Hulk is stronger than Superman he~s not.

    Just going by what the DC and Marvel encyclopedias describe their powers Supes can lift over 200,000 tons and that~s AFTER John Byrne decreased his powers in the 80~s. The Hulk can~t even lift over 100 tons (before he gets angry).

    So, let~s see, the two are fighting and Hulk gets angry... he reaches 100 tons, but so what, Supes is still WAY stronger.

    They cont. fighting. Hulk gets angrier and reaches 200 tons, but so what, Supes is STILL way stronger.

    By the time the Hulk breaks into the 1000 ton range, Supes looks down at his watch and says, Hey, green dude, I have a date with Lois in 15 minutes, so why not call it a draw.

    Supes flies away leaving the Hulk alone in a pile of rubble, all angry and still a loser.

    And to the idiot who thinks Spidey is stronger than Wonder Woman, Spidey is in the 10 ton range while Wondy is in the 200+ ton range, she is very agile and fast, and an excellent fighter. And don~t forget her wondeful breats. LOL!

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    The classic matchup would be:

    Batman - Captain America

    Superman - Hulk

    Green Lantern - Silver Surfer

    Supergirl - Storm

    Shazam - Thor

    Flash - Spider-man

    Wonder woman - Iron Man

    winners would be

    Batman, Superman, Silver Surfer, Supergirl, Thor, Flash, Iron man - 4DC, 3 marvel.

    But in reality, Hulk would decide to smash all puny humans, and would not care which team he is on (cap is already dead) so thus it reinforces Dc win.

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    1 decade ago

    Well DC has crazy good people and Marvel does as well!

    well since Spider-Man , Hulk , and Silver Surfer are Marvel and on DC Bat Man and super man i will say...... Marvel for sure!

    Source(s): Hope I helped
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    I think Marvel would win. The Silver surfer could take out Wonderwoman from a distance. Along with Batman, if his ideas aren't preplanned. Storm could freeze the Flash's legs but he could vibrate his leg's to get free. So i'm sure what the outcome would be. Captain America could outsmart Superman. Thor could also match him to a degree.Ironman could use a pulse ray on GL to penetrate his ring's powers. I'm not too sure about Spiderman,Supergirl,Hulk and Shazam.

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    1 decade ago

    Who`s shazam ?Do you mean Captain Marvel ?

    Based on current comics I`d go with the Marvel lineup - evn though Captain America is dead and Iron Man has few Ultron-based problems - take GLs ring away he`s just an ordinary guy (kinda) ,Batman is just an athletic guy with gadgets ,Superman and Supergirl can be hurt ,Flash is just a speedster and OK Wonderwoman has strength but ...

    Hulk rocks (especially current version) ,Surfer has power-cosmic ,Storm has elemental control of the weather ,Thor is a GOD ,Spidey ... well he can hide in shadows with his blacksuit LOL.

    I`d put :-

    Hulk vs. Superman

    Iron Man vs. Flash

    Thor vs. GL

    Surfer vs. Captain Marvel

    Cap vs. Batman

    Storm vs. Supergirl

    Spidey vs. Wonder Woman

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    i would have to say marvel. i got no problems with dc they got some great charicters bu ti got more favoriates in marvel for your list

    marvel: thor, hulk, cap america

    dc: superman, batman, green lantern

    if i put the top three from marvel vs dc shown here i got to go marvel. but its just an opinion

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